Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Musings

So early this morning Mr. Tom Cat in training was out and about.  Son #1 says, 'Mom?  why is that van stopped out on the road?'.  I look out.  The lady looks like she's carrying something.  She gets in the van and drives off.  Uh-Oh!  Cat is missing.  Five minutes later the phone rings.  We found your cat out crossing the road.  So I jump into the van (in my Pj's mind you) and drive off to rescue Mr. Tom.  Lady van driver looks at me with a smile and slightly-narrowed eyes and says, 'my sister's dog died on that road so I was worried.'. Well honestly, we are too.  But what do you do with a cat that howls to be out?  He's caught four mice so far (leaving the last one in the garage split in two with the head almost severed (you asked for details, no?)

We had a nice weekend.  It involved a high school football game. (win!)
Watching soccer for daughter #2 with daughter #1 (tie!)

Missing son #1's football game because it conflicted with soccer game...(win!)

Putting together four new stools for the kitchen counter.  It involved my friend the allen wrench again.  And I must admit that I put the whole contraption on upside down the first time and had to re-do 16 very small screws (insert sigh).
I wouldn't have posted the above picture other than that I found it on my camera now while I downloaded...

Lisi was very impatient with my project and tried every distraction tactic she knows.

I spread some joy at Target this weekend.  At the store, daughter #2 and I were walking by some lounge chairs.  You know the kind that look like this:
She pulls it off the shelf and unfolds it and then says, 'how do you sit on it?'.  So I say brightly, 'you sit on it just like this!' and I sit down on it and it collapses to the floor.   At that moment, a very suave-looking 20-something year old walks by.  He glances down at me in my puddle of humility, gives me a huge grin, and wanders off.  However, it was so incredibly funny to him that he came back around the corner to peek at me and see if the old lady got up again (all the while with that huge smile on his face).  Humble pie.

Then there were other parts to the weekend that were so helpful and encouraging and there are no words or pictures to sum it up.

Did you know sweet potatoes can go bad?  One smelled a bit 'musty' when I peeled it.  Then I cooked it up with a bunch of others.  Then I mashed them and put some butter and brown sugar and vanilla and a touch of cream.  Put it all in the nice serving dish and it smelled... musty.  I tasted it.  Musty.  Ick.  One bad potato can spoil a bunch of them.  If you want to think deeper on that, you are welcome to.

I was put on hold and some really jazzy hold music came on.  I put it on speaker phone and the MYP all came running to see why mom was listening to such fun stuff.  Then one of the MYP asked, 'when we put people on hold, do they hear that too?'.  Um.  No.   I guess I haven't put anyone on hold lately to find out.

Please don't keep clicking refresh on Thursday to see if I've posted Thursday thoughts.  You see my thoughts won't be about blogging or Thursdays or anything like that this week.  But Musings will be here in another week!  Hopefully, they are more profitable than these were today.

Well I best get out of my pj's in case the phone rings again with someone else claiming to have our cat.


  1. I am DYING laughing, just Dying!!!!!!! Thanks so much for a pick-me-up!!! I still think of you every time I use a public toilet, too . . . . Man! SO wish I coulda been there!

  2. Brenda, we need the public toilet story.

  3. Hahaha!! You do put words together well...I had the picture right there in front of me! :D

  4. I died laughing, like daughter, like mother!!! I was TOO funny!!
    Too bad they didn't get it on their video camera!!!! Thanks for making our day!!!

  5. ewww details..i mean..ohh , details..i mean...ughhh details! i don't know..Lisi has some stiff competition in that cat for stories...have a nice time this week. something assures me you will!

  6. oh my. does your daughter ever look like your niece!!! wow.