Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thinking this Thursday

Here we are again.  Another Thursday.  I'm not sure I'll always have Thursday Thoughts like Monday Musings.  But this week there's some material.

The big news at the Chairman's Chalet is that Mr.Tomcat in Training has lost his title.  He's now... well... just Simba.  I watched a youtube clip of the procedure and almost felt scarred.  He came home very agitated with me.  Kept walking up slowly and meowing very loud and demanding.  Finally he settled down and slept awhile.  And then wanted to eat huge volumes and start a wrestling match.  So... it wasn't too bad I guess.  At this moment I have no idea where he is.  He was insistent on going outside to look for mouse #7 even though we're to keep him indoors for one week!?!  If you won't tell the vet, I won't either.

just home

not real impressed

back down to business this morning
There's a saying that we are to give our children two things - one is roots, the other is wings.  Well I always like to exceed things and went for the third.  Humility.  After the bus came the other day,  Simba decided to follow the neighbor lady home from the stop.  I had the mistaken idea that I could just run out in my pj's, periwinkle fleece bathrobe and fuzzy slippers.  I'd call him, and he'd race back and jump into my arms and we'd come home to share a cup of coffee together.  Well, he ran into a neighbor garage, then on top of their boat, and then out into the field where I was chasing him (when the bus went by), and then up the 50' tree.  At that point I was highly irritated.  So I came back home and after a shower and readying for the day, I look out and see him slinking home with mouse #6.

This week I had a dermatologist appointment.  The PA told me with a slight apology in her voice that I'd have to take my clothes off to my unmentionables and put on a gown and wait for her.  Ten years ago during the throes of childbirth, I was asked if some interns could come in and watch the process.  I gritted through my pain 'sure' since it didn't seem like a big deal.  Well at one point I looked down and it looked like the local college volleyball team had put on scrubs and lined up for the show.  So... one nice 30-something PA looking at my moles is no big deal.

I'm weird with money savings.  I get cheap thrills (pun intended) by saving 39 cents making my own foaming hand soap.  Just take your current bottle, put in about 4/5 water and a tablespoon or two of liquid soap and a drop of essential oil if you wish and swish it gently together.  Voila!

The crock pot is my friend again.  This week so far has been loaded baked potato soup and bbq ribs.  Mmmm.

Tomorrow the dump truck comes!  And he'll be dumping off a big pile of firewood for the stove.  So I'll have my work cut out for me for sure...  anyone willing to come over and stack it is surely welcome!  (I think I hear crickets...)

Here's what I looked like at day 1 of bathroom cleaning last week.  This is pirated off of another blogger
who didn't get permission to post this.  (tee hee)


  1. Great visuals here. :) I think I've got some work to do. I like the addition of humility. We plan to add a dose to our boys lives, as well. Waiting for the perfect opportunity. If I lived closer, I'd totally come over and help you stack firewood, by the way! ;) *crickets*

  2. Just commenting to let you know your thinks (woops-thoughts) made me smile, again!
    I was thinking you should post a link to the blogger that posted the picture :)
    Happy Fall
    p.s. the pictures of the cat & dog snuggled together make me grin every time!