Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Musings

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Ok.  I'll admit another bit of cheating going on.  I 'penned' this post on Sunday night.  Why you ask?  Well at the moment, the only noises I hear are from a sleeping kitty and dog.  And an errant firework outside the house by some revelers celebrating the end of summer I reckon.  

Question for you.  If I bring something to the table such as a witty post at random times, am I entitled to something?  Like an all-expense paid visit to one of the places that visit this blog from a faraway place?  I just got a hit from Surbaya Jawa Timur.  I had to look it up.  Since I'm nice, I'll link it for you here.  And yes, I'd like to visit there once the ticket shows up in my mailbox.  

Thirty years ago tomorrow, my sister married her husband.  You hear about in-laws being like out-laws.  Well this in-law is about as good as an in-law could possibly be.  And I truly mean that from the heart.  He's not only a rock of stability, but also a rock of kindness.  

I love hearing when babies are born.  I'm a bit edgy until I hear the wee one is safely in the parents arms.  But I'll admit something.  After the baby is born and we know he/she is doing ok, I just love to hear what they have chosen for a name.  I love names.  I love hearing the new babe's name.  If this child has an older brother or sister or eleven older brothers or sisters (MJ!), does the name "go" with the older ones?   If this child is the 2nd son or daughter born to the family, is the name chosen something they liked but not quite as much as the older child's moniker?  On a side note:  the Chairman had a huge say in the names of our children.  Once he heard a name and liked it, there was no turning back.  Hence, we have R, T, and M.  I still like their names so he must have done good. 

So tomorrow is back to school for the MYP.  It is bittersweet.  As the big yellow bus roars away, I'll be doing a happy dance... through tears.  

But until then, we will be relishing the last day of summer together as a family.  Hopefully without much work involved! 
And... just because.


  1. Thanks for a good chuckle this morning!!! Love the last picture!

  2. I loved getting new relatives when my siblings got married! I call them my 'fake relatives'... and I still love them! :)

  3. Lol the "fake relatives"! Ah....Names! I (we) spent hours discussing names. It was a Sunday afternoon tea conversation with my extended family for a long time! It can be a bit tricky in a big family tho as we found out right off the bat. When deciding on a name for our oldest, we had immediately settled on a boys name we both loved. Two months before (she) was born a sibling unexpectedly adopted a baby boy and named him the exact name-first & middle that we had chosen (and not told anyone!) Good thing we had a girl! The girl's name that was tops on my list, my sister was determined was HER favorite girls name to use, so I never used it--and then she didn't either :P Yes after our 3rd came along then I had to make a decision on whether to keep up "the pattern" or abandon it right there. It stuck. My husband was pretty congenial on names. Generally when it came down to if we hadn't settled on one for certain (boy and girl, as we never knew ahead) then we had two and I let him pick between them after child arrived. I pretty much liked to meet the little person before I named him/her.

  4. love elephants..hope he got his peanut after all that sniffing around!