Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thinking on Thursday

Lets see if I can pen a thought or two.  Ten minutes until the big yellow bus roars in and drops off the MYP.

Just had a flyer in the mailbox.  "Life is too short to clean your own house."  Oh yeah?  Well, life is too expensive to have someone else do it.  Actually, the MYP are great help (with a big stick in my hand) when I ask them to have their rooms tidy.

Here's a random question... what does the tooth fairy do with the teeth collected?  You see there is one that is wondering what to do with the little baggies.  Do I throw?  Keep forever?  Pass them to the next generation when the time is appropriate?  Hmmm.

Someone dropped by from St. Louis on the blog.  The reason they came was they had done a Google search "I am a Chairman's Wife".  I am so glad it said "a" and not "the".  Because I am THE Chairman's Wife, and I am pretty confident I am the only one.  Last I checked anyway.

Speaking of the Chairman.  I don't often wax on and on about his good qualities because I don't want you envious of my chosen one.  But one thing he is very good at is complimenting me about meals.  Last night we were scurrying around because our study was to be here.  So I threw out burgers and some other mish-mash of stuff and he walked in and said, 'this looks so good'.  Really?  Why thank you.  I'm not as good at complimenting as he is.  I know that.

I did see a lady crabbier than I am.  I was in Costco this morning.  Mrs. Crabbypants was about 60.  Mr. (not so) Crabbypants was close in age.  And for the life of me I couldn't see what Mr. (no so) Crabbypants was doing wrong, but Mrs. Crabbypants was taking issue with everything.  He couldn't steer the cart right.  He couldn't unload the goods to the check lane to her pleasing.  He couldn't load the car properly.  Then as they got in the car, I overheard her say, 'WHERE'S THE $20?  WHAT DID YOU DO WITH IT?'.  I think when she took her vows, instead of 'in sickness and in health, for better or worse...', she chose to say, 'I'll fight to the finish'.  Poor Mr. (not so) Crabbypants.

I better call this enough thoughts.  Not much today, but I figure you weren't ready for another picture of the cat or dog.  (tee-hee)


  1. I've cleaned houses for the last couple years, and seriously I wonder what some people think! When I had a whole houseful of little kids I would could have so used someone to clean. I realized that honestly what I could have used more tho, was someone to help with the laundry & cook some meals & take care of all the clutter that got thrown around. The actual cleaning is so minor once the clutter is out of the way. The house I cleaned today was so clean that I was hard pressed trying to figure out how to make it look like I had been there!! WHY would you pay $65.00 for that??

  2. Oh dear. Yes. For sure. Poor Mr. (not so) Crabbypants. :(

  3. I like pix...they make me smile! and that's always good!