Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday thoughts

Lisi wasn't impressed that we had to stop in front of our house as we started our walk to take pictures of the two hot air balloons coming our way.  They came in closer and lower and I was waving like a crazed woman at the guys in the baskets.  If I was standing in line at the store next to them, I hardly think I'd be waving like that.  You do that.  For hot air balloons and for people on trains.  I'm not sure why.

Speaking of stores and check-out lines.  What are the odds that I'm in the local Walmart and end up in the very same line as a middle-aged man with a balding head and just slightly too long of hair down the sides?  What are the odds that this very man is wearing the very same gray shirt and buying exactly the same thing two months later?  I remember because it was 10-32oz bottles of G2 and four boxes of Pop Tarts.  Seriously.  I told son #1 he was most likely single.  My suspicions were confirmed as we saw him get into a very expensive two door car and zoom off.  Not that we're stalkers or anything.

Speaking of sons.  Or maybe husbands.  But I try not to tell the Chairman what to do because he's busy and simply helps without me saying anything.  I digress again.  I notice that if you tell a daughter three things in a row that are jobs for her, she immediately puts it in her memory, complains a little bit, then goes and does the tasks at hand.  If you tell a son to do two things, he goes off immediately and does the first one you mention and feels the work is complete because adding the second task to the 'list' doesn't register.  Parenting is a fascinating thing.

We had our school open house.  The one you know where you take in 77 pounds of supplies/child and stuff them into narrow lockers.  Meet the teachers and eat ice cream.  Daughter #3 was so incredibly happy.  The class list looked great.  The room was the same one as last year (she passed, I promise).  And!  Her locker was the one right next to the classroom door!  She was beaming with delight until her older brother said, 'you know they pick out the troublemakers and put their lockers by the door so they can't mess around'.  Siblings are really good at taking wind out of sails.

Mr. Tomcat in Training has taken a liking to getting his water from this:

He was just getting down by the time I reached for my phone.

He thinks he's bigger than he is.  The other night I went on a meandering walk with one of the MYP.  Tomcat in Training followed.  These neighbors have a bull mastiff.  If you think it sounds big, you are right.  In fact, here's a picture of one.  And no, that isn't my neighbor.  

Simba thought he could take on that dog.  Seven pounds of mean cat against 140 pounds of a confused dog was a sight to see.  

Saw this yesterday and smiled...


  1. It isn't just boys, and the list things. If I wanted anything done effectively I would write each kid a list. My 16 year old girl is a lot better at remembering a bunch of stuff in a row, now.

  2. My boys/husband are the worst. They cannot multi'task even remembering more than one thing at a time!

  3. Hee Hee...we have an English mastiff...yes, he's huge...and scared of his shadow pretty much. He would likely be quite terrified of your Tomcat in training.

  4. That' last picture is totally true. :-)