Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Musings

Just don't have lots to offer.  Most bloggers simply don't post if they don't have much.  Me?  I'm too dumb reliable to not muse on Monday.  Hopefully, I don't wast too much of your time.  

Here's a couple pictures after my walk last night.  Mr.  Tomcat in Training is enlarging his world and now wants to leave our 2 acres and explore further into life.  He keeps returning without being left under the tire tread of some passing car, so... so far, so good.
 Lisi.  Poor, sweet, sweet Lisi.  She still is overcome with terrible bouts of jealousy.  Over the kitty.  Over the MYP.  Over my being busy keeping the Chairman's chalet running smoothly - or so I hope.  A little extra time always seals the deal of love for her.
 Preps.  Probably 98.9% of you know what preps are.  It is where you put on your somewhat icky clothes, get in a car and go do fun and not-so-fun jobs with a lot of people you love.  Your MYP eagerly want to do tasks that you could hardly make them do with threats of their very lives if they were at home.  You get dirty.  You visit along.  You leave feeling incredibly happy, exhausted, and satisfied.
 We are blessed to have a family that has their origins way, way over there.  They recently returned from a trip and brought back some lovely things.  One of them was a dress for this daughter.  Pretty!  I'd show you my new top, but I'm humble like that.
 Sunday afternoon in the screen porch....  an ordinary moment.  I like how daughter #2 dressed down to a free blood donor shirt from 3 years ago.  I promise.  She didn't wear it in the morning.
And finally, this made me smile.  Even though Lisi is never on a leash because she likes it at home too much.  
See?  I told you I had nothing to muse.


  1. The Comic is cute! Also, I like the "Words I use" heading up there! Does it figure out what words you use, or did you put the words into it?

    p.s. I may not be posting comments much, because the stupid word verifications are getting really crazy hard to read. Obviously, I'm not doing a good job of proving I'm not a robot!

    1. Word verification is now off! I didn't realize I had it on!

  2. I've had alot of trouble with the word verifications lately too--not just "here".
    haha'd at the comic!
    Work day Sat. for those near here too. Good days coming up soon!

    1. Got rid of word verification! Yes, good days indeed...

  3. How fun to see another "preps" result. LOVE those chairs...can we borrow them 'way down South here?

    LOVE your DO have something to share each time. Don't get discouraged. I love reading it. Have a big white Lab of my own and Lisi's antics are quite similar!

  4. I was having a lot of trouble with word verification, too. Sometimes I had to do it 3, 4, 5 times before getting it right. And let me tell you, I am not a robot! duh! ;) Thanks for turning yours off!!
    I think there was some sort of witty comment in my head before I started this but... it's gone. Ah well.