Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thinking Thursday thoughts

Yes, it is soon going to be that time again here in Dairyland.  Actually, we have just shy of three weeks left of summer.  I don't think I'll do cartwheels.  I might actually savor my cup of coffee longer.  But I can't say I'm the kind that want my kids to leave all day.

I do notice near the end of the school year, I talk to other moms out there and they say it'll be so good to not have such a structure in their days.  They look forward to summer.  Then the very same mothers say in August, "it sure will be nice to get back to school and to structure again."  Huh?

Do you ever feel your heartbeat rising and excitement build when you see someone on the road you know?  I do.  We have the privilege of living about a mile and a half from two different families that are dear to us.  We see them often.  But when you see them on the road it is a thrill.  Don't ask me why.

When my slightly older sister was 6 days away from delivering her first baby girl (who I might add turned out to be a super-special lady), she dropped a peach pie on the oven door and it slid down the front and it was one. big. mess.  Not to mention all the work involved and the fact that there would be no peach pie for dinner.  I digress.  I did that with a frozen cheese pizza.  Now every time I start the oven, it smells like a pizza parlor on fire.

Blueberries and peaches.  Peaches and blueberries.  Yum.  I'm glad they are in season at the same time.  They go together like salt and pepper, bacon and eggs, night and day, the Chairman and the Chef....

In just awhile, we will head to our own 'conbenchion'.  I have almost bragged about the fact I love my bathroom cleaning job.  I've even had some posts about it years ago.  But I think my co-workers are telling me something.  Both are going to different places this year!  Psst.  I think it is just because they are burned out on bathrooms.  So if you know someone that is just wishing they could plunge toilets and clean showers with very long hair draped around the walls, just let me know!  I'm sure I'll have so many volunteers I'll have to turn people away.

It's raining, it's pouring, a few MYP's are still snoring.  Time to start my piano playing to rouse some heads.


  1. School here started today! I'm one of those mom's who like the structure, only to give it up again for a little while. It is very different though with a driver and no school runs.

  2. I wish I could come clean bathrooms with you....I'm starting to feel very homesick for the dells...think I'm going to be a mess that week.

  3. Speaking of cleaning bathrooms, years ago I attended a real farmers convention. You know, the kind in the mid-west where it's out in the boon docks. The closest city is soon passed with a blink of an eye.

    To my shocking eyes, I walked in to the ladies restroom at 10:15pm and a gaggling of sweet teenagers were cleaning the restrooms. My first suspicion was that was an excuse to stay up late, but I was wrong. They informed me they signed up to clean the toilets because they wanted to be willing to serve where others were not likely inclined to serve. Now, years later, I smile to see those sweet ladies as wives, little Mama's and I remember their kind deeds.

    Thank you for your willingness in cleaning the stinky things. That's not a fun job.

    Enjoy your convention!

  4. Aw, if I were going to be there I would volunteer! I'm pretty used to it with housecleaning jobs-besides, it would give us a chance to get acquainted!! :)
    I'm all for routine & structure--I just love it at home!

  5. Some days reading your blog really makes me miss your grandparents! That cartoon at the top could very easily been in one of their cartoon scrap books!

  6. I, for one would be delighted to help...cept I will be relaxing in St George, Utah. Sure hope I won't be replaced!!!