Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ruts and routine

I refuse to post this as "Thursdays Thoughts" even though that's what they are.   I've decided to get out of my rut of life.  It makes life tedious for me and for everyone else.  I think I'll try the 'new me' for the next six minutes and then I'll go back to the safe and sound.  Cause that's how I roll.

How often do you rearrange furniture in your house?  Try it.  Even if it is something small.  You clean places that normally don't get cleaned.  And if you have MYP, it adds an element of excitement for sure.  Just don't wander through in the dark and crack your shin real hard...

I've gotten quite adept at the allen wrench.  Or is it Alan wrench?  tee-hee.  You see one of the MYP here likes to switch from twin beds to bunk beds quite often.  Well up they went again!  And she taught our highly intelligent Tomcat in Training to climb the ladder up and down.

Took Tomcat in Training to the vet yesterday.  She was mildly bothered by the fact when I informed her that he is an indoor/outdoor cat.  More and more outdoor as he grows up.  She gave me a lecture on all the terribly dangerous things that can happen.  Then I mentioned that he's already caught and killed two mice.  Her mildly bothered look went to nauseous.  Really?  That's what cats do!

Three very large bags are on their way to Goodwill again.  I made the mistake of asking some of the MYP's opinions on my 8-12 year old shoes on the rack.  Yes.  Most of them lost place here in our home.

Did you know about Little Miss Muffett who was eating her curds and whey?  I recently read that curds make cottage cheese (no brainer) and whey is what makes ricotta.  Don't ever think that you read this blog for entertainment purposes.  It's bursting with vital knowledge.  Or not.

There was a blog hit this morning because someone was looking for "happy birthday quotes for my big sister".  Sweet.  I hope they found them.  They live in Willemstad, Curacao.  Go do an image search of that city.  Beautiful!  I hope they think about inviting us to visit!

We have a very large circle of friends/family.  And we keep hearing of this one and that one facing another cancer diagnosis of some weird sort.  I am so sorry for so many facing such a terrible journey.  I wish 'they' knew what causes cancer.  I wish 'they' could cure cancer.  But for now, all we can do is remember them in different ways.  And certainly don't cease to be thankful for our own health as it is today.

Well time to get someone motivated for piano lessons!  And back to the rut I go...


  1. Not sure, but I think it is 'allen' wrench, but only when used by a man. When used by a woman it is 'ellen' wrench. But don't quote me on that. :)

  2. enjoyed your thoughts er routine ;)
    Oh yes, had to laugh at the cat's visit to the vet & the reaction!

  3. We don't have a cat but if we did...I wouldn't want it to go out on its own too much. Our neighbor cat does that & it's really not clean! It does some gross stuff and then goes in their house to be their pet. Ugh.

    Your kitty is cute. :)

  4. I can see that cat isn't ready for piano yet. You'll have to work on him.

  5. Shelley, you made me really laugh at your comment! Thanks for the chuckle! So glad to hear from you.... sure had our thoughts your way last week!

  6. So a vet that gets grossed out at a cat being a cat? What's up with that?! hellooooooooooo