Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lost....and found!

This picture was texted to me late last night.  I almost cried.  
This is big M.  He was taken from his beloved home for 10 days and 'his people' went to find him and bring him home.  The tail tale is a very long and confusing one.  In a nutshell:

Dog goes missing.  Search goes on for days.  Thoughts of nabbing or death are heavy in the air.  Hope seems lost though information is out there about him missing.

Then a call.  He is discovered two states away.  Someone brought him to the vet without his id tag, but his rabies one still there.  They trace his owners down.  Contact is made with the one holding him.  An agreement to meet is set up.

Shortly before the arranged time, a call is given.  The dog 'ran away in a storm'.  Panic sets in.  Distrust of the party holding the dog.  Authorities are called as well as local shelters where the dog is nearby.

Police move in to the house where big M is supposedly located.  Police inform M's people that there indeed is a big golden inside and he responds to his name.

Here is where I don't know what happened in detail yet.  Either the police informed the household that they were on to them, or a call was made.  Nonetheless, another arrangement was made to meet and transfer dog deep in the night in the big city.

She comes with the pooch.  Doesn't answer all the questions.  In fact, doesn't even get out of the car.  But!  But!  There he is!  Big M!  Overjoyed to see his people after ten days.  Leaps into his own car and heads back for home where he belongs.

Anyway, it is a story that will be very interesting to hear in detail.  Between you and me, I always had a soft spot for him since he was a 'relative' and a golden retriever.  But he always has seemed big and slightly under groomed because he's a farm dog.  Then he went missing and my heart ached for him and for his people.  And now, I can't wait for the next chance to give him a big hug and tell him how glad we are that he survived a kidnapping and is home safely again!  If big M was a blog writer, Lisi wouldn't hold a candle to him!


  1. Yay- so happy he was found. That is an interesting story, though. Which state was he found in?

  2. That is a crazy story! It's so nice he's back though.

  3. My tears were for real when the text came Sun. eve. that he wasn't coming with them!! (we were in a wide range of emotions, as in sad and mad!!) That thief saying he ran away!! ugh
    Mav's "uncle" got to see him this eve. and M. made a dash to see him, and "uncle" is very pleased to say so. I'm waiting my turn for a licking and giving a hug :-) his "aunt"!!!!!

  4. Wow, Now that sounds like quite the story for sure! Glad to hear he's back safe & sound!