Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thoughts on a Thursday

There's a lot of that going on around here.  In fact, Mr. Tom Cat in Training thinks he's going to win.  Each and every time.  Until Lisi puts her paw on his back and lets him know who really is in charge.  Cats don't need any lessons in self-confidence, that's for sure.

I'm wishing I were somewhere else this morning.  That doesn't happen very often because quite honestly, I love my place here in every sense of the word.  However, tomorrow I get to go where I want to be today!  So isn't that enough to make my heart merry?  Sure thing!

We were very fortunate to be able to welcome four college-boys here for 24 hours from California.  Each of them were completely unique in their own way.  The funny one.  The thoughtful one.  The sleepy-eyed cute one, and the one I'm related to.  If anyone ever tells you that young people aren't very nice, don't believe them.  Because we had some nice ones here.  If I hadn't known who slept where, I would have guessed just by looking how their sleeping arrangements were when they left.  One had everything hyper-tidy laying in perfect rows.  One made a half-hearted attempt to make it look presentable.  One jumped out of bed and there it lay!  People are so unique.  That's what makes life so interesting!

The paper said today that this was the hottest summer in the US since the dust bowl of 1936.  Well I could have told you that.  Except that I wasn't here in 1936 even though my kids sometimes wonder.  One of them asked me the other day, 'in the old, old days when you were a kid...'.  I'm not sure why two "olds" were necessary.

There's a five-part article in the paper that is quite interesting about surrogacy and one couple's struggle to have a family.  They went through a multitude of hoops to have a family that included a surrogate.  I find it interesting.  But as an adoptive mother reading it all, it makes me a bit sad that adoption isn't considered more.  I wish they knew that is no difference.  Genetics and similar looks are nice.  But certainly not necessary.  Love is.  Bonding is.  Discipline is.  Structure is.  Family tradition.  That's necessary...  and what truly makes a family.

Better get off my soapbox and into the soap suds.  Have a great rest of the week!

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  1. Sadly, I wish too, that adoption were figured into the equation a little more. And there so many ways/kinds of adopting to be done! A loving, structured disciplined home, all those things you said.