Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Musings

I'm not inspired.  Not one iota.  So this will be short and probably not very sweet.

I must say I'm enjoying the deafening silence that summer school has brought to my mornings.  Unfortunately, I squander the time away and realize that I must pick up the kids in a half-hour and have little to show for my morning.  Don't tell them I let you know.  But I heard from 2/3 of the MYP that they actually like summer school!  Imagine!

We are router-less.  Our router just plain died an unglamorous death the other night.  I think I might go find a replacement with the Chairman's blessing today.  But there is something nice about having only one computer working in the house.  Life seems less complicated somehow.

Remember the missing dog-friend of Lisi's?  The story hasn't ended.  All we know so far based on a phone call is that somehow he ended up two states away and there was supposed to be a meeting to get him back that was suddenly cancelled.  It leaves a very icky feeling in the stomach because now we know he probably is alive and not with the ones he loves.  I hope there is another chapter and that it has a happier ending.

Someone searched out the 'duties of the Chairman' from the United Kingdom a couple days ago.  However, I don't think they found out what this Chairman does because this is more about what the Chairman's wife muses.  Maybe they went back to their 'telly' and watched more of the olympics.

Mused out...


  1. Hope there's a happy ending soon too!
    haha--LOVE the cartoon---how very funny & fitting for life with kids!