Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Musings

One child is away at band camp already learning how to beat her drum.  I wonder if there will be millions of fingers, millions of thumbs, millions of monkeys drumming on drums.  Dum-ditty-dum-ditty-dum-dum-dum.  If you are a parent, you should know what I'm talking about.

The other two MYP are catching up from a sleep debt over the weekend.  And what a weekend it was!  If you have ever been to 'conbenchion', you know.  Except the benches were actually chairs.  I would like to put into words what it meant to be there, but that's impossible.  So my musing will be more about surface-y things.

Like.  The bed my slightly older sister saved for us in the bunks was smack-dab in the middle of teenage-ville.  The closest in age to me was about 20.  The other 50 girls there were between 12-19.  And noisy it was!  But you know?  I couldn't complain or be this mean old mom 'shushing' the young ladies.  Why?  Because if my memory serves me right, I was one of the noisier ones in my day.  So I was served my just dessert.  Another reason I didn't complain?  Earplugs.  They are a girl's mom's best friend.  

I slept by a sweet young thing with a ready smile.  As we were settling in, she said to me, 'I hope you don't mind that I snore'.  Well judging by her looks, it didn't look like a big deal.  I almost said, "oh don't you worry your pretty little head.  I sleep with the Chairman".  But then that might not sound right since she doesn't know the Chairman also happens to be my husband.  Well I was not right to judge by looks.  Because about midnight, freight train number nine started heading down the Chicago line.  Oh me oh my!  My precious earplugs couldn't even handle that task.  Good luck future husband of sweet young thing with a ready smile.

Girls primp.  A very, very long time.  Those with curly hair use hair straighteners.  Girls with straight hair use curling irons.  The hair is always nicer on the other side of the comb.

One brave soul wore her Aaron Rogers #12 jersey to sleep in down in Bear country.  I thought she was just trying to test out charity or something.  tee hee.

As I was walking out towards the vehicle with all of my gear on both shoulders and one elbow, I stopped and spoke with an elderly man.  I wanted to share that I missed his disabled son that had a merry heart and loving countenance that passed away a few years ago.  I wanted to tell him a few memories I had of him because when you lose someone, it is just a balm to hear about them again from someone else.  Well, the elderly father started to tell me about the last morning he was alive.  Tears poured down his cheeks and mine.  All the while I was holding approximately about 46 pounds of gear on both shoulders and one elbow. But it was worth it.  Every moment.

Mr.  Tom Cat in Training and Lisi were deliriously happy for our return.  That's a fun aspect of pets.  You are their sun, moon, and stars.  Does a lot for self-confidence.

Facebook is kind of interesting.  Someone "liked" a picture I posted last April.  And since some see it on their feeder, all of the sudden it is "liked" by lots four months after the fact.  Speaking of Facebook, I will snag a picture of all these pretty things that were getting ready in the morning next to me.  Well, the some of them anyway...

Mused out.  Time to move instead of muse.


  1. Happy Monday morning.
    At one time I knew the whole book by Memory...dum ditty, dum! :P
    Love those MYP photos--"they" didn't do that back in "my day". Wish "we" would have!

  2. We just returned from four days of "conbenchion" (Olympia I). While we cannot express in words to others what it means to us, our brethren understand. Maybe those who don't understand, or don't yet know this way of Truth, might "feel" from us something they cannot put into words.

  3. :) I was smiling all the way through your post....I can totally picture the bunks scene...though I'm usually the unfortunate one who has to wake up all those pretty young things with the lights in the mornings and shush them to bed in the evenings...part of me misses sleeping there in the thick of it all but most of me is very happy to have a nice quiet spot elsewhere! ;) If you're going to be in IA this year I won't get to see you but will be thinking of everyone there mucho!!

  4. Love love loved my dose of your musings on this fine Monday!

  5. I had that book memorized for my younger brothers, and then again for my own kids, and I need to find it for grandkids, "dum, ditty, dum".
    I wonder if we will ever start calling it "con-foldingchairs-ion".

  6. Hahahaha... gone are the days of endless primping... I remember them well. It was painful to be that age and hate what you saw in the mirror no matter how long you primped. :) I was noticing that when getting ready for a wedding this summer and I had five minutes to get myself ready... I remember when I'd start getting ready for such events two hours prior to leaving time. I guess it's a different kind of getting ready now. LOVED this post! Especially the worth it part.

  7. heehee- I got a laugh out of the freight train! I used to think you had to be fat to snore but have met up with some skinny super snorers... whoa.
    I know that book, too. ;)
    There are some familiar faces in that pic! Including my 'fake nephew'. His parents were my friends before they were married. Then my little bro married his auntie... and so now we're related, right? Anyway- it sort of blows my mind that he is 'old enough' to be in that pic! ;)