Friday, August 3, 2012

Post #835

Just noticed that this will be #835.  Who knew that I'd have this much to say over the years?

I've had a terrific cold this week.  Yes, in the summer.  Go figure.  I won't point fingers, but some friends of mine had a cold when we were camping last week.  But since I'm so kind and thoughtful, I won't mention who they are...  I'm either blowing my nose, wishing I was blowing my nose, sleeping, or wishing I could sleep.  I think I'm turning a corner on the tissue today.

Son #1 saw a wonderful allergist this week.  This doctor is as concerned about the wheezing, breathing, sneezing, stuffy-head symptoms as we are.  He spent 45 minutes in the room with us asking and explaining.  He gave us nearly $400 in samples.  I'm thankful for 2nd opinions.

Daughter #2 made bread yesterday under my watchful eye.  I must say she did as good as I could do.  And she didn't forget salt (like I did last time).  She wasn't feeling very trustworthy of my culinary ability after the last snafu and said, 'I'll just make it myself so it turns out good'.  Self-confidence is a good thing.

Cooking in the summer is a delight.  Fresh corn, beans, cukes, grilling.  Mmmm.  I found Pioneer Woman's cookbook at the library yesterday.  I've enjoyed her snappy way of writing again.  I'd love the book, but cookbooks sit on shelves at my house and I 'Google' recipes constantly.

Speaking of 'Googling'.  I was going to look up "when should I neuter our kitten".  But after I typed in just "when should I"... the top choice was ..."get married".  Seriously?  Someone actually Googles that question? No wonder divorce rates are 50%!

Someone reads this blog from Kenai, Alaska.  I don't know who you are, but I looked up your fine city and immediately could tell I would like to come visit you.  Someday.  Especially if I was invited.

Well stand by.  My head is completely empty except for the nagging congestion left over from my virus.  Next week we'll start with post #836.  But who's counting?


  1. Ahhh! PW cooking! I love the look & feel of a book--I'm a visual. I do look up recipes on the internet some, but having my computer near-by in the kitchen is a major I print them I use ink/ then I have loose pages. SO--I have a recipe book :) At least she has a great website!
    Sorry about your cold, hope it waves goodbye soon.
    Thanks for your posts. Again.

  2. Wow, I wish I could go back and start at the beginning. You would think a body has lots of time to kill just sitting around during cancer treatment. HA, I'm busier than a one -armed paper hanger with a mosquito on his neck. And there is an ANT on my computer screen. Do I squish it?