Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm sad...

I'm sad.  Tonight Big Lady sat outside and ate her supper with me.  The rest of the people here went away on a boat.  But Big Lady coughs and sneezes and is a mess.  So she stayed home and kept me company.  I even posed for her and let her have this sweet picture of me.  

Usually, I am full of the dickens and like to tell you about it.  I love to be a silly mutt.  That's the nature of we golden retrievers.  We turn into old men/ladies in kid clothes.  But not tonight.  I'm sad.  

Tonight the Big Lady told me something that is very distressing to me and to her too.  My bestest friend Mavrick has been missing for almost six days.  Actually, we are kinda-sorta related.  But I think of him as my friend more than anything.  We have spent lots of time together at my house and his and in between too!  A few days ago he went missing.  His Big People are very worried.  Did someone take him?  Did he get sick and go off to die?  They don't know.  Lots of people are looking for him.  So that is a good thing.  But the bad thing is that he still is missing and his family wants him to come back home.  We hope he does, but there is always the chance that he won't either.  
Lots of people have thoughts about their pets - as to whether they go on to somewhere else when they die.  I just heard the Big Lady reading an e-mail to the nice Big Guy.  It was about a very special dog in Mexico.  The Big People love this dog more than anything.  But they don't think she will go to heaven.  I like what that Big Lady said down there in Mexico.  "Well she might not go to heaven, but she won't go to hell either!".  My Big Lady sometimes offers me very special things to eat or fun places to go because she says, "this is about as good as it gets for you".  Well I'm thankful for all that and she knows it.

But for now.  I'm still sad and worried and uneasy about my missing friend.  I just thought I'd let you know.


  1. Lisi,

    You should be big lady to give you doggie ice cream! I hear its the bomb! :D

  2. We'll be waiting to hear. I hate the thought of a lost pet...