Friday, September 18, 2015

Freewill Friday

Freewill def:  done of your own accord.  Yep, no ghost writers on here today.

Not sure why I feel like blogging today on a Friday.  I may or may not regret this since I will 'need' to blog again on Monday so the masses don't miss the Musing.  Oh well.  Here goes.

Last Monday I wrote that I was going to do laundry and buy groceries and thus and such.  Well to make a very, very long story short, I needed to also figure out how to get a tire off our camping trailer.  It has randomly gone completely flat on us at various places.  After a couple hours research on line, at least four phone calls to various authorities about tires (three of them giving me completely false information), I FINALLY figured out the equipment needed!  Then we needed to get the trailer up high so that the tire in question would be off the ground.  Then we needed to get the tire to the tire shop (and they fixed it for FREE!).   Then we needed to get the tire back on the trailer which needed to be pulled yet to a higher plane.  Anyhoo!  The tire is fixed and I went back to normal programming of laundry and making food for the masses here.  The Chairman had to work (nearly) night/day so it was up to me to figure it out.  I liked this cartoon.  Kinda sums up marriage sometimes.
The other day I was out walking along with Lisi on the bike path and suddenly I hear heavy breathing.  Then I hear a man right behind me say, 'right behind you!'.  I scream.  He almost screams.  Poor guy was trying to warn me he was running up behind me but it kinda freaked me out more than if he would have just run past.

One of our neighbors has a remote control... ready for this?  Lawnmower!  It's kinda like an outdoors Roomba vacuum.  It's odd and I personally think a normal lawnmower works better.

I went grocery shopping yesterday when I was hungry.  Not a good plan.  Our cupboards and fridges and freezers are fully stocked for the blizzard of 2015.

A mom of one of our MYP's friends was in a fairly bad car accident this week.  She'll be fine, but she's banged up pretty bad.  She was driving a mondo-huge SUV and that probably saved her life.  She was crossing a lighted intersection after it turned green and was t-boned.  Makes me look both ways before I cross the street now.

Daughter #1 was at the doctor's office for her bi-annual physical.  The pediatrician was concerned about her growth since she's nearly the shortest in her classroom and on the growth charts.  So a bunch of blood work was drawn to be certain there isn't a reason.  Personally, I think the reason is genetics since there are definitely shorter genes in the gene pool.  I did think she looked cute in the backless gown.  Heh.
Our pediatrician asked me cautiously how life was going now with three teenagers in the house.  I responded as I usually do, 'I like teenagers!' and she looked at me with a shocked face and says, 'in my 19 years of practice, I have never heard a parent say that'.  Well I like to be different!  And really, that's really a sad statement.  You don't bring children into your life and home because you like babies.  You bring them into your life and home because you want to share life with these growing people.  Anyway, I'll get off my high horse now.

And!  After that I had the consult with the orthodontist.  Son #1 is getting braces on for the second time.... to the tune of $6000.  I asked for the rock-bottom price Mr. Moneybags OrthoGuy could muster since daughter #2 is getting her tinsel-teeth within the year as well.   I kinda swallowed hard when he told me the price.  Then he adds with a smile, 'but this is drawn over a two-year period'.  Oh great.  That makes me feel better.  And so much for new living room furnishings for the next, oh, many years.

Well happy weekend ahead to you!


  1. And then, if they don't wear the retainers afterwards all that time and money is wasted.

  2. A remote controlled lawnmower sounds dangerous to me. And dumb. (As ever, I'm shy about voicing my opinions.)
    If the husband were also sitting on the hub and a skinny kid were driving, I'd be more inclined to believe that pic! Notice he's the same size as his wife!