Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday Musings

By right I shouldn't have to blog today!  It's Labor Day!  A freedom of labor!  However I'm on load #2 with the laundry, I emptied the dishwasher, made pancakes and bacon for the Chairman and Co. (plus one neighbor boy), vacuumed the main floor and mopped the wood.  Just another day for me as the "labor" never ends.  I remember hearing of a baby girl being born years ago on "Labor Day".  How clever is that?

Anyway!  We have a day off and then a couple normal days and then we have a wonderful, promising, enriching-days-ahead kind of a week.  That means that the laundry baskets must be emptied so choices can be made.  It means that ducks must be in a row and teachers informed and papers put on hold and the camper loaded.  And just in a micro-flash, in will all be over and we will be back here blogging again wondering just how time could go so fast.

We had a wee taste of fellowship the other night.  This lady has been working in India for 42 years until her visa could no longer be renewed.  I asked her at the table if there was anything about India she didn't like - i.e. food, living conditions, etc.  Her face lit up and she said, 'I loved everything about India'.  I love that.  And we walked in the door of our friends to spend time with her and her sweet niece - after about 13 seconds, we became dear friends.  I love how that works.

So school is in full swing here.  The MYP have come home with positive reports of their days and teachers and friends.  Lets see if the enthusiasm is still there say... February.
Jr. and Soph.

As a parents, we are aware the MYP are growing and changing.  It was very evident when FB told me I had a "memory" from 2009.  I looked at it and wowser.  It was the first time we took out our camper.  The MYP were definitely younger.  What scares the willies out of me is that in that same time-frame from now they will be all way out of high school and probably one or two living elsewhere.  Boo.  Wah.  Sniff.  Blubber.  Time... please slow down.

We had a neighbor friend here overnight.  He's a good kid and since he has no siblings, he likes to hang around here with the din of commotion that is usually part of a normal day.  I love talking to these other young people.  They are interesting and funny and love to be heard.  Today he was telling me his mom doesn't cook.  At all.  I had made kefir-laced pancakes (I hope his digestive tract can handle!) and bacon for us all and he said he couldn't believe how delicious they were because he usually eats Lego pancakes from a box.  I tried to say that his mom is talented probably in other areas and he said yes, she's really good at making bows and fancy things.  So we focused on that.  We each have our happy place and I'm quite thankful mine is in the kitchen.

I saw this picture this week.  We had several of these behmouth station wagons growing up.  I think one time we jammed ten people in it and headed off without a care or seatbelt to be found.  I think my slightly nice older brother and me often had a very different vacation than the rest of my family sitting up front because we saw everything backwards and tried to avoid eye contact with the guy right behind us.  We'd talk and sing loudly and give each other noogies on the head and when things got really cRaZY he'd push my fuzzy-braided head down to the floorboard and hold me down until my shrieks would irritate our parents.  Such deliciously wonderful memories.

Here is something else I enjoyed:

Well back to laboring around here.  Don't feel sorry for me because I intend to take a leisurely nap soon after.

Happy week ahead!  Mine will be happy, but more so, it will be full of joy.


  1. And now you're there (or soon will be)! Ahhhhhhhh :-)

  2. I remember riding in the back of a station wagon. That was the thing to have with several kids. We would lay back there and sing our heads off on our travels.