Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Musings

Blogger tells me this is Post 1177.  So little to say, so many posts.

Well we have had just sublime weather here.  Cool air mixed with warmth by day, and chilly evenings and brilliant sunshine.  I'm wondering if mum sales are lagging this fall because the summer flowers are still in full bloom.  I intended to get some for my window boxes, but I hate to pull out what is still living and thriving.
taken this am
As daughter #2 came down and plopped down on the barstool for breakfast, I said, 'it's going to be 80 today!' and turned around and saw this.  Apparently she doesn't check the forecast before dressing.
So the moon has hardly been looked at by so many people simultaneously as last night.  I am not into astronomy and can hardly identify the north star.  But this was pretty neat.  I tried taking a bunch of photos on my iPhone and well lets just say, this is my story.
I immediately thought of two moon songs when I sat out on the deck watching the whole thing unfold.  One was:

I see the moon and the moon sees me, 
the moon sees somebody I'd like to see.
God bless the moon and God bless me,
and God bless the somebody I'd like to see.

Another one was;

I see the moon, the moon sees me,
Under the shade of the old oak tree.
Please let the light that shines on me, 
shine on the one I love.

Over the mountains, over the seas,
back where my heart is longing to be.  
Please let the light that shines on me,
shine on the one I love.

You see when we were in the excruciating waiting period for going to China to bring back our daughter, I was out walking one evening with Lincoln (our first and slightly smarter golden retriever).  I looked up and saw the moon.  Then I realized the same moon that gave me light was also shining down on a little baby I loved but hadn't met yet who was waiting in a too-small bassinet.   I started to sing it quietly to myself and had tears streaming down (good thing it was dark out and that dogs can't talk).  It as always a comfort to me.  And when we finally made it to China and we were riding in a bus in the dark one night, I looked up and saw the moon.  Then I looked down and saw this beautiful baby resting her head on my chest and I quietly said in my mind "thank you".

However all isn't just sweetness and sugar.  As I was leaning over on the deck last night peering with the binoculars to the skies, I heard a voice of the aforementioned beautiful baby behind me say, 'what are you doing?'  I said, 'looking at the moon!'.  She replies, 'which one?'.  Smarty-pants.  Mine must have been drooping.

Yesterday, we had family time.  It's always nice to all be together.  Well not all together.  Some are in CA and OK and Mexico.  But those of us there were all together I guess.  However, the ones missing should have had itchy ears.

Living with teenagers is wonderful and humbling and frustrating and hilarious and worrisome and joyful.  Lately, they've enjoyed insulting me quite often.  That's ok.  Because I have the Chairman.  I try not to toot his horn too much because he wouldn't want me to.  But I must say he is so sweet at compliments.  His parents must have trained him right.  Yesterday as we were riding along in the car he looks over and says, 'I really like your hair that way.'  And I should have looked at him with soft eyes and replied quietly, 'thank you.'  But I didn't.  I said, 'this way?  This is how I do it most all the time!'  He replied, 'well it's good then that I like it that way.'  The poor dear.  I felt sorry I didn't reply with soft eyes and a word of thanks.  Next time I promise I hear something positive I will say 'thank you'.  I cannot figure out why that is so hard to do.

I cleaned the clutter off the piano and changed things up a bit.  It's cheaper than buying new furniture.  Heh.

 Well that's enough aMusement for today.  I have plenty on my to-do list, so better get started.


  1. 1177, huh? Pretty amazing. I just made it to 900's. ;-)

    I always love to think of the moon being a connecting factor too. I can picture you on the bus, whispering "thank you". Aren't we sooo thankful!

    Happy Monday to you!

  2. Now your moon made my eyes blurry. And I don't mean that OTHER moon!