Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Musings

We just returned last night from being away for five days.  Time is such a strange thing.  When we were gone, the time went at a strange, warp-speed.  Yet, when we return home it feels like we've been gone for a very long time.  I think so much of it has to do with mind-set.  When we come apart and rest awhile, our mind, body, soul, spirit do also.

So it was bathroom duty x (I think, but who's counting?) 10 years.  This year the "Loo Crew" was quite a bit smaller.  That's ok.  My partner in crime is a dedicated hard-worker.  The two teenagers that were our assistants pulled their fair share.  And so the 17 toilets, six showers, and a multitude of sinks and carpets were kept as clean as we possibly could do it considering the crowd.

With slightly-flushed cheeks, I'm embarrassed to say that we received more compliments and accolades of thanks for our job than I ever remember.  You see what we do at these feast days is a very public job.  Unless you are wearing diapers or Depends, we will most likely see you - and you will see us if you are female or an underage little boy.  I appreciate the verbal and written notes of thanks for a job well done (pun intended).  But it makes me think of so many unseen jobs taking place on those grounds.  People are getting up hours before the sun does to peel carrots and potatoes.  People are hunched over a washing machine making sure all the rags and towels are clean.  There are trash bearers.  There are sweepers.  And above all else, there are those that are spending hours and hours in the quiet to be sure to bring the true message we need to hear.  We all are helpers together.  Here was something I found on the bathroom wall right before we were leaving.  Thank you for your thank you.  It was so unnecessary but so appreciated.
See this picture?  That was taken five years ago.
Here are a couple shots that were taken this year.  Don't tell me time doesn't fly.
On our way home we saw Mr. Peanut!  I'm not sure where he was going.  Maybe to find the wienermobile at a baseball park.  That way all the food groups would be represented.
Simba stayed home and a neighbor checked on him from time to time.  Cats are cool like that.  We left Lisi with her "cousin" and they seemed to do right-dandy together.  As soon as we arrived they seemed to want to show us that they are excellent at tug of war.
As we headed for the last hour home, I crawled in the back because, well, I kinda missed her.  I think the feeling was mutual.  
Well back to the realities of life.  The washer spins load number three.  The lawn needs mowing.  The flowers need watering.  The groceries need buying.  And some MYP need to be picked up at this time or that.  I'm a bit distracted right this moment as a hummingbird is flitting around the window boxes just in my view.  It is the first time I have ever seen one here since we moved here seven years ago.  I'd take a picture, but have you ever tired to photograph a flitting hummingbird?  

Happy week ahead.  We have so incredibly much to be thankful for.  Especially a better, grander view.  

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  1. So nice to finally meet you and spend such special days together! Happy days!