Friday, August 6, 2010

Fast-coming Friday

Fun with a friend for a day...

The weeks are flying by... seems like we're on countdown until school starts.  Not until the 1st of September, but still!  We have things we'd like to do first.

Yesterday, our family went to Six Flags.  Duane and I hadn't been there in 17 years (we were young, dating, and so in love then).  Now we are middle aged, married, and so in love.  I digress.  The three MYP here hadn't been there.  Last year they had read their number of books and earned a pass to get in.  By the time I noticed it, it was too late.  So this year we made it the last week before expiration.  We weren't the only ones.  I think half of Chicago and 3/4 for Milwaukee area were there.  It was very crowded.  Like annoyingly so.  But we got on a lot of rides.  One in particular made my head and innards swim.  Unfortunately, it was right before we were going to stop and eat.  Ick.  Spinning and swirling all at the same time isn't good for middle-aged women.  Rayna had her eyes closed the entire time.  The Chairman said 'no thanks', I'll wait it out with Mira (she wasn't at the 54" height requirement).  The roller coasters are fun.  But waiting nearly an hour for a 3 minute ride is really, well, dumb in my book.  So we stayed until late and brought home three tired kids and a few memories to boot.  

Did I talk about the mosquitoes?  Oh now I remember.  They still are fierce.  Hungry.  Unrelenting.  The neighborhood sent out a blanket e-mail wondering who wanted to pay for spraying their yard.  Well I'd love to.  But not into chemicals so much.  And you know what?  By September they'll be a distant memory.  So for now I dash to the garden and frantically look for cucumbers and tomatoes and peas and beans and other assorted yummies.  I LOVE summer sandwiches with all the juicy freshness inside the fresh (homemade) bread.  

Zinnias!  Two years ago after we moved out here I admired a neighbors flower border.  I'd look and wonder what they were.  Figured it out and decided to border my new vegetable garden with them.  And I am so happy every time I dash out to find some produce.  The butterflies they attract are really neat too!  

Looking forward to another big privilege tomorrow to witness something very wonderful.  Lots to again be thankful for... but not the mosquitoes.  Did I tell you about them?  Oh yes, I guess I did. 

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