Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wild Wednesday

Well actually not too wild.  But it's been busy for sure.  Seems like we and everyone else are cramming a lot of stuff the last weeks before the routine of school hits.  It's been so muggy here I almost (gasp!)am looking forward to (gasp again!) fall.  If you know me, you would know that fall isn't my favorite.  And winter is a half-notch under fall.  But that might change.  I like hot and humid.  But tonight on my walk it could be cut with a knife.  Am feeling almost overwhelmed with privileges.  Lots of places to go.  People to see.  People coming to see us.  And it makes me happy.  I just don't want to take these wonderful days for granted.  The poor Chairman is working a lot.  But he said that after this bout of busy, it'll be better. Again, he doesn't complain.  He's neat like that.  A little trivia for you (since you read this not for informational purposes, but for mindless knowledge).  One of the ladies above was with the Chairman and I when we met in Utah in 1992.  Isn't that interesting?  She was there before any of this wonderful life began.  And speaking of the picture above... I did more corn.  And I'm done!  Nearly a meal/week for 2010/2011.  I think that's enough.  Well I'm tired of doing it anyhoo.  The kids were great help again.  Hooray for helpful kids!  Mira was digging through my drawers.  Well, not those drawers.  But my bathroom drawer that holds my 'stuff'.  She pulls out this lotion that I have.  At some point I must have told her that it was lotion to make you look younger.  So she starts to smooth some on her cheek.  Then asks, 'how much did this cost?'  Oh I dunno.  Maybe $9.  'And if I use it, will it make me look younger?'  Um.  Sure.  Maybe 7 instead of 8.  She giggled.  Pulled out her 2nd tooth on top yesterday with a slight tug of floss.  The Tooth Fairy is a bit delayed this time.  Our 'little boy' has now crossed the 90 lb. weight line.  And climbing.  He's gonna be a big guy some day.  Nearly up to my neck at the ripe old age of 10.  I told him when he gets bigger than me he still has to listen!  And!  He wanted to shoot a furry friend.  Eating breakfast this morning we look out and there's this 'thing' in the yard.  We run out to investigate.  Lisi goes into a panicky full-bark mode since she's so clueless what to do in a real life somehow.  This brown thing hissed.  Chattered.  Got up on his (or her) haunches and wouldn't back down.  Even gave the ol' mutt a good chase.  And after I got bored with staring at the beady eyes we came in and googled it and realized it was a woodchuck!  I of course started chattering the 'would chuck could chuck wood' rhyme until the kids pleaded with me to stop.  And so I should really stop.  This entry.  For real.


  1. Sounds busy! Are you in the eastern time zone??

  2. You were just there and it said Hartland, maybe it changes every time. Cool that they check it out :)

  3. That's quite a corn stack! Glad you had help. I haven't done corn yet this year... don't know if I will. I still have some left from last year. I drool every time I drive by the neighbor's corn stand but haven't stopped yet. I will have approximately two meals of corn from my garden soon, though! :)