Friday, August 20, 2010

Fragrant Friday

Well because peanut butter cookies are baking.  So I have less than 9 minutes to create thoughts worth reading. I do have a question.  Why do we put those criss-crossy things on peanut butter cookies?  Would they taste the same without those tell-tale marks that you're eating a peanut butter cookie?  I'm thinking of dipping one side with chocolate to fancy them up a bit.  Not sure why, but it seems like a good idea.

Today is son's last day of band camp.  A pretty clever idea.  All the 5th graders in our school district go.  They went from learning which way is up on their instrument to actually playing a little 'concert' today for the teachers! Son's instrument of choice is a trumpet.  Now let me tell you, those things are ear piercing loud.  The enthusiasm far outweighs the actual sound (so far anyway).  We can only hope it gets better.

I hit a bird this morning while shuttling the kids to camp.  Was just a grackle, but now I've killed two things this summer... a humongous turtle and now the bird.  It never feels good.

I could tell you that Lisi got a nice bath and haircut yesterday, but I won't.

The kids are spoiled blessed with privileges.  Seems that nearly every day something fun is happening.  Two days in a row this week they were pulled at break-neck speeds behind a boat on tubes.  Sleepovers here and there.  Well in 12 days the party is over.  And mine will begin!  (I didn't say that.)

I'm going to a Pampered Chef party on Monday.  Anyone need anything?  Or something that you think I couldn't live without?

Here in the fine Dairyland state, there is a huge demand for the state park camping places.  You see yesterday, I had to book for our annual Door County trip since it was 11 months exactly until we go again.  I call the literal moment they open.  And as I hemmed and hawed over which sites the lady says on the phone, 'hurry, they are going right now'.  You've got to be kidding!  There are people as crazy as us trying to book sites 11 months early?  Yep.

I had a lesson this week.  It really is better to give than receive.  I felt it.  And it was wonderful.

There's about three places I'd love to be at right now.  But soon it'll be our turn to go....

The timer is beeping....


  1. Pampered Chef-Get the hamburger/meat chomper thingy. Nice description i know! But it chops the meat really fine and better than anything else I have found. Other than that I dont have any gadgets from there.

  2. Wow...all that in 9 minutes? I am impressed!

    Speaking of the 3 places(if I am guessing right)...our turn comes next week...heart, mind, and soul are anxious.

  3. The best is the big scraper. And I think about anything dipped in chocolate will make it better, sweetish wise. I criss cross my peanut butter cookies to warn Jim that is what kind they are so he won't eat them. I don't like to waste a cookie on someone who doesn't like them. :)

  4. Our turn in 2 weeks!
    Go for the chocolate!
    Pampered Chef? I love it. The scoopers are awesome. All 3 sizes, if they still have them.

  5. I can't live without my laptop!! So I think I am set! :)