Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time for Tuesday

Not that I'm counting the moments the days until the kids go back, but we're down to just one week before the alarms need to be set.  I'm not real good with transitions.  I don't like moves.  Changes to routine.  It's that way when summer vacation comes.  And then it is that way when school starts.  A change.  And in the fall, ominous quiet.  It's been a dandy summer in every way.  Fun.  Friends.  Privileges.  And on top of that great weather.  A good rain by night and perfect sun by day.  That's been typical.

But I can't sleep in.  No matter the time I go to bed, once it hits about 5:45... blink!  I'm wide awake.  I envy people that can lie in bed and sleep in the morning.  But don't talk to me about anything important beyond 9:30.  I'm about 2 sheets to the wind (pun intended).

And the fruit fly battle ensues!  As soon as tomato/peach/pear/younameit season comes, the fruit flies appear.  I need to get out my cider vinegar contraption and show them who's boss.

The other night we were meandering back from a walk and out of the corner of my eye I see it!  I very good-sized coyote!  We have heard them.  Listened to them yip-yip-yip, but never really saw one in action.  I like that about living out of the city a bit.  The neighbor roosters/sheep/cows really like to give 'er at nighttime too.  We almost don't 'hear' it anymore.  But when someone comes over they usually mention something about the farm.

Got some new blinds installed yesterday.  The two not so brilliant guys that came to do them looked at the three rooms they were going to work in.  One of the rooms has three distinct double-hung windows.  The guy says, 'so we're putting two blinds in here?'.  duuuuh.  No, three.  Oh!  Here's my other page.  Common sense isn't so common.

The Chairman is going to get on his padded shorts and slip into his bike shoes and ride his bike to... Chicago this Saturday.  Actually, they'll drive a bit south and then go.  But it'll be nearly 70 miles in one day, so that's no little jaunt.   For some reason, I really like that he does stuff like that.  I'm all for not lazy.

Well, the three younger people here are thinking it is time to put some nourishment down the hatch.  So this is as good as it gets today.  After that, I get to crack the whip and get some chores done.  But first I think we all will need to cuddle and chat about the day.  I like 'packed days' like that.


  1. Can you please tell us more about your "cider vinegar contraption"? Got pesky little fruit flies here too.


    P.S. I see on the Live Traffic Feed I'm now a visitor from Cranbrook, B.C. That's good - closer to home!!

  2. just checking in with you cuz i saw your relatives...nice to see ! anyway, our kids don't start back until Sept. 7th this year..a BIG change from last year when they started early August! i'm enjoying the extra long summer this year! glad your hubby gets to do some biking..sounds like fun! take care!