Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hygiene 101

Yep, still having 'issues' here.  Although it isn't a boy this time.  I got through three large loads.  Five nicely stacked piles of clothes for each family member.  One of the stacks has not one fiber of undergarment there.  I ask the child in question... "I just forget!".  Ugh.

I love a great deal!  I'm cheap frugal like that.  Well I was getting some tickets on-line for Six Flags and on a whim, typed in a promo code name up in the small box and yahoo!  It worked!  Saved $10/ticket just.  Like.  That!

Speaking of deals.  I got new running shoes for 75% off and they were just the ones I was wanting.  Just wondering what to do with all the money I saved?  Or not.

Thirty meals of fresh, frozen sweet corn are in the freezer so far.  Hope to do nearly that many the next time.  Yum.

I'm kinda wishing I was somewhere else the rest of this week.  I know they'll all have great days without me.  But still...

Garlicky clam sauce simmers.  Fresh basil from the garden.  Comfort food for the Chairman you know.  Being half-Italian does that for you.  Somehow I always manage to serve stuff like that on a Wed. night.  I hope our friends don't mind.  Maybe they'll pass out breath mints beforehand.

I've procrastinated enough....  time to work again.


  1. Yum. All our corn that I want is in the freezer, over 100 bags, we did it in four batches around work schedules and Zane schedules, I'm so glad it's done. Nothing like corn all winter long.

  2. Forgets to change or forgets to wear?
    Kidding. Funny though!

  3. Nothing like frozen sweet corn. We just love it. Don't love the mess....but somehow it does get cleaned up. I haven't gotten any this year, and don't know if it will happen. Somehow all my preserving energy is going into something else this summer and there's not much left over. Sept. is all booked up already. Convention and my trip took care of that!