Monday, August 30, 2010

More Musings on Monday

Gary and Alonia celebrating 40 years of marriage

"Camping" in the screen porch

Just a couple shots of the past couple days.  We were privileged to share in a celebration of a 40-year marriage last weekend.  We are honored to say we were included in the celebration because they felt sorry for us we're related.  This couple just ooze with class and the party reflected their tastes.  The Mrs. has fought a valiant battle with a cancer.  The Mr. has been extremely supportive of her to the point that it is inspiring.  I'm sure that support is a portion of the reason why she is winning the battle.  And we're thankful for that.  And for them.

Last night it was hot.  You see we haven't run the a/c for a few days again.  And it is.  Just.  Plain.  Hot.  So as the girls were winding down (brother was off again to his chicken-farm friend), I suggested that they could go 'camping'.  I didn't have to say it twice.  Out came the bedding and the pads and the plans.  I'm not sure when they finally fell asleep, but really, who cares, right?  Lisi enjoyed the company.  Mira said at one point in the night she was tucked right by her sleeping bag.  You see this dog has no carpet/bedroom privileges, so that was probably pretty neat to have a little kid sleeping by you for once.

And tonight is the night before the last day of summer.  Happy sigh. Heavy sigh.  I don't wish my children away.  But I don't wish them to stay by my side either.  They have an excellent school (Blue Ribbon of Excellence I might add!).  Great teachers.  Nice friends.  And so they'll be off to new challenges, friends, and fun.  And I'll have the fresh bread and jam waiting upon their return.  Or popcorn.  Or some cookies.  Or tell them to get a bowl of cereal out.  Some day they'll be away.  Much further.  Doing bigger things.  And I'll remember these days.  These 'good old days'.

Someone asked about the fruit fly trap.  I just take apple cider vinegar and put it in a narrow glass.  Take sheet of paper and make it into a cone-shape and put it into the vinegar glass without it touching the vinegar.  Make sure it is tight on the edges.  The fruit flies love the stuff and fly down to get it, but don't know how to get out again (they're not too bright you know...).  So far, so good.  Sorta.  I had to throw out a very scary looking nectarine that probably had a billion fruit fly eggs on it.

This is probably enough.  I don't want your eyeballs to start bleeding.

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