Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wistful Wednesday

Nothing like good friends!

Happy tubing day!

One of our beauties...

Just about ready to sink...

First day 2010

And so it is wistful.  This Wednesday.  The bus came as promised.  They got on with a mild dose of enthusiasm and away they went.  The house is too quiet.  But I'd be lying if I didn't say I was enjoying it a lot bit.  I'm trying to pack a lot into today.  Bread baking.  Cookies.  Laundry.  Slicking up the house.  Grocery shopping.  Why?  Because I'm alone.  Then it hit me as I raced through the aisles at the local grocer.  I could be doing some of this tomorrow!  I'll still be alone.  Takes awhile for my small brain to wrap around that concept.

But the summer was super!  In every way.  Trips.  Friends.  Sleepovers. Good weather.  I'm glad for the memories.  The pictures.  And making the most of the moments.  Yesterday, we were invited to the lake for tubing fun.  A couple-hour visit turned into an all-day affair.  It was just wonderful.  Kind of a grand finale for summer.  Happy sigh.

At the aforementioned grocery store I saved $38.50 on a $70 bill.  A good website combined with double-coupon day led to the good deals.  Even the checkout lady was impressed.

Sweet and sour chicken on the menu tonight.  A low-fat version I found on the web.  It's no accident that our kids just love Chinese food.  Middle child keeps asking when we can have it again.  It's fun to make them happy with the simple.

A storm blew through last night at 1:00.  I should know as we had to shut up all the windows and break down and put on the a/c.  Sideways rain can do that to you.  And then I laid down and my brain said, 'you're not going back to sleep for awhile'.  And I didn't... for two hours.  There's a part of me that almost enjoys that quiet time.  I can remember people very far away.  Maybe someone nearby that is sad.  Or facing something very hard.  It's actually very comforting and you almost lose yourself in thought.  And then morning comes.  So I think I deserve a nap.  Without a door banging.  Or a knock asking where something is.  Or a fracas breaking out.  But I miss them.  I can't wait to hear about their day with some warm bread and jam waiting....


  1. Fun to pop in on your blog... snuck over from Lana's link : ) Great summer pictures... crazy to think of your kids getting so grown up! It IS hard to wrap your head around the fact that the kids will be in school every day now for a bit isn't it?!? Definitely understand your mixed feelings!

  2. I should have called you for a chat. My brain was fizzing away at about that time as well. Ugh. I am so tired today!