Thursday, September 23, 2010

Squeaks and Eeks...

We're having quite the discussion here at the ranch.  You see the girls have shared a bedroom since nearly day one.  This house has room for them to be split up.  Some days they really want to have their own space.  Other days they are inseparable.  So I casually bring up the fact that maybe we could get that near-empty room going... and used for one of them.  Well it was just nearly like Dec. 7, 1941 if you know what I mean.  Both want to move.  Both want a new bedroom set.  Both want... well you get the picture.  The funny thing is that their own bedroom actually has a bathroom attached.  Ample room.  A large closet (without a light I might add).  So!  I was perusing on-line tonight and saw a bed I love.  But it is stinkin' expensive.  So I'll look at the picture awhile and hope that it goes to 80% clearance.  Or not.

And now we move on to mice.  Today I was filling a bird feeder in the garage.  And just as I reached the bag I see little black, rodent-like movement.  If I was a cartoon I would have stood on top of the shelf and screamed.  I didn't.  But I did gasp (I think).  And so we pull out a trap.  Armed it with peanut butter and a few of those delicious seeds that he or she were trying to get at.  Walk into the house.  Come back out a few minutes later and peek just out of curiosity and see a tail.  Ick.  I yell for the very helpful son that lives here.  He gets a shovel.  A bag.  And quickly disposes of Mickey.  Well!  So I said to him, maybe we should set another one just in case.  More peanut butter.  A few more tasty seeds.  Walked into the house.  A few minutes later I need something from the garage.  Peek out of mild curiosity again knowing full well that there was hardly enough time.  But sure enough!  Minnie!  (disclaimer:  I know someone named Minnie and she wasn't in our garage).  Oh boy.  A family.  I set another one and as this incredibly riveting blog entry is being typed, there isn't another one in there... yet.  (just peeked.  There's a FROG in the trap now!)

Halloween must be coming.  I walked past the office and saw a witch in there... 

Wishing once again I was somewhere else.  A lot of dear people I know are at this place.  Wearing galoshes I hope.  Word is that it is wet there... like sopping.  But it'll be good days nonetheless.


  1. Cute witch, I wasn't even scared when I saw it! Do you have that bird seed in a plastic container to keep the mice out? Cute bedding! Our oldest K is headed up to M tonight!

  2. The bed is gorgeous! The girl's adorable!
    It's the season for rodents moving indoors for the winter- everyone's been mentioning them!
    I've been hearing about that rain, too... must be really something! Would love to be there, anyway!!

  3. Thanks to someone, I have your Blog address
    so have sincerely enjoyed seeing all you have written, and entering into your life.
    Will be fun to hear the outcome of the bedroom situation. May take some adjusting and occasional changes, but sometime soon it will be ideal for "teen agers" to have their own walls and closets and space.

    You may not appreciate me peeking into your Blog, but I am thoroughly loving it.
    Betty Droel...and Roy, too, maybe.

  4. oh the bedroom is beautiful!
    It's raining here too.
    The little witch is quite cute too :)

  5. Yep, it was quite soggy. Walmart and Fleet Farm did a brisk business in mud boots and umbrellas! Several cars had to be pulled out in order to travel home for the night. But, as expected but even more than expected, they were absolutely wonderful days...mud, snorers, crying babies in the dorms, lack of sleep, transformer blowing and all!