Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stream of thoughts...

friends at convention

Aren't they cute?  They were all on a bed at one end of the camper.  I just pulled the camera without warning and said "smile"!  I just love all these young girls.  Can't wait to see what they all become when they grow up.  I'd share a boy picture too, but they were moving too fast.  And usually there was a football involved somehow. Goodness they were good days.  But I've already said that, right?  I'm just getting through that incredible laundry pile.  And!  There was a couple small victories.  One, everyone had dirty clothes right down to the undies.  That hasn't happened the last few times we've been away.  You see changing underwear takes time.  And you wouldn't want to miss anything!  The other victory was that all the socks came home and are matched waiting to be put away by their rightful owners.  One mother a couple hours away won't be so lucky.  You see her son walked away from our camper and this sock 'leaked' out from his pants.  I called him to get it.  No, it isn't mine. Yes I think it is!  No... it isn't.  And I just remember it was still lying out in the grass as we pulled away.  I thought I wouldn't - but I am.  I'm missing them.  The kids during the day.  The summertime freedom of schedules.  And well, just plain summer warmth.  I washed the last of the swimsuits for awhile (sniff).  Now we have the frantic signing of papers, feeding breakfast, making lunches, combing hair, checking homework, yelling if they remembered their instruments, library books, all within about 1/2 hour in the morning.  And it starts up again at 3:30.  But I have supper ready ahead of time.  My own, homegrown squash is part of the menu.  Very satisfying indeed.  And did I mention I have a job with a real title?  I'm the Official Laminator of Richmond (our school).  Apparently there were some issues last year with people not properly respecting the laminating machine.  And now!  No one can touch it but... (cough, ahem) ME!  I have several hours to be in there each day the next few days.  Start of school you know.  I was going to impress them of my abilities and knowledge this morning when I went to meet with a teacher.  But just as I drove up, I spilled coffee all over my khaki skirt.  Lucky it was 'coffee colored'.  Gomer Pyle.  Well I'm off to wash the camper down.  It won't be so sad as we get to use it one more time before the snow flies!  I'm so happy about that.  And for friends that like to camp as much as we do.  And for my life.  And for the Chairman.  And for the many young people here.  And even for the dog without too many smarts...


  1. Gomer Pyle - that made me laugh. I hadn't heard that one for about 15 years.

  2. I haven't commented for awhile. Another amazing post. I wish everyone could write about life like you can. Someday it'll be nice to meet your tribe.


  3. Yay for the undie victory!
    Oh I was in WI at the Dells last week... and now I'm at Marion! It's so special to be able to think of everyone there these days!
    Have a great fall!