Friday, September 17, 2010

Keepin' it Real

It wasn't peaceful.  This morning.  Well it started that way.  Heard two of the many young people here hitting the showers just when they should.  All three came down somewhat cheerful.  And then it all collapsed.  Two accused one of cheating as they played a quick game in the living room.  Breakfast wasn't what was on their plan.  Combing hair was an utter fiasco with one of them - the one who refuses to have loose ponytails or 'bumps' in her hair.  I have explained it until I'm blue in the face that her hair 'wants' bumps.  It is fluffy on its own accord.  But she wants it painfully in place.  Tight.  And very, very flat.  (insert heavy sigh).  So I try to put in two pony tails.  Pretty soon she's running in place.  Face is blotched up.  Tears.  A few yells.  The Chairman is irritated.  I'm just plain angry.  And the sweet little girl is just plain cantankerous.  Now we're three minutes until the bus arrival.  She's frantically trying to put on shoes.  Get her pressed leaves.  Find her lunch box.  She gets out the door.  I turn around.  Another child is going bananas.  I can't find this and that.  You aren't helping me!  The groan of the bus engine as it slowly drives by without one of our children.  She runs frantically out the door.  Misses it.  Starts to just cry LOUDLY on the front lawn (luckily, we have no real close neighbors).  So I go outside and direct her to the bus stop up the hill which is somewhat close.  She runs up the hill and successfully gets on.  Whew.  Another morning.

And on top of all that, I'm fighting a cold.  A sore throat.  My nose wants to tickle.  I keep telling the virus it isn't real and it won't be stopping at this residence thankyouverymuch.  So we'll see who wins.  Me or the virus.

I need a new bird feeder pole or something.  You see suet is very desirable to dogs that aren't too bright.  Smells like bacon grease or something.  So she sits by the feeder and leans waaaaay up trying to get a lick.  The birds don't want to compete with her.  And so a higher pole contraption is necessary.

I spent two mornings in school laminating this week.  Did you know you can ruminate while you laminate?  Ok.  That was lame.  But I am enjoying it.  You see I'm not stuck in a closet doing this.  I'm right where all the teachers come in to do copies.  I lean in to listen to see if I can glean any insider information.  I have a big picture window overlooking the library.  I can see one of the many young people that live here working at the computers.  It's kinda fun really.  But.  My mean older brother tried to take the wind out of my sail.  Did I ever say how mean he was?  Well right after I mentioned being the "official laminator of Richmond" I get a text message.  "We get gov't money to hire a mentally challenged person to do our laminating at work.  The job must be perfect for you." (or something like that).  See I told you.  He's mean.  But I love it anyway.

And there's still warts here.  We've done battle with one big toe here at our house for nearly a year.  I see progress.  But now I fear I have one.

On a whim, I started to clean out the fridge last night.  Had been awhile you know.  Well I started and one thing led to another and nearly two hours later every shelf, drawer, and glass shelf was removed and scoured.  It 'tings' in there now!  But I am ashamed to say that I found something in there with an expiration date of April of '10.  Hey, at least it was '09!

Hoping the day gets better.  It should.  Off to the car dealership now.  Need some maintenance done on the buggy.


  1. Oh how I dream of being as "ting" as you. April 2010, you say? That's nothing. I recently found something from 2001. *ahem*

    We had one of those mornings at our house, too. Wake up happy, but then cry because the milk they are drinking isn't chocolate, then spill the milk, then it's too cold and they need to eat breakfast with their coat on, more spilled milk so we have to change some socks, and so on and so forth. We did manage to get them to school on time, though, so that was a plus.

  2. Now that you shared that your mornings aren't like that in the Sound of Music...I feel better. The only one I have to get out the door and literally to school is Kinize. Just her and me for an crying spells yet, but give me time..I mean her time...I mean me. So you can tell..I am not a morning person.

    About expired things. I had actually thought I would do a post on this one day(saved the container just for proof). However, it was not in my fridge, it was in my pantry, and it was from the year....ready?...1997(found it this spring). My youngest son wasn't even born yet.

  3. I wrote a disclaimer in one of my journals is yera 1997 or so when my oldest daughter was around 7. It that day and age she wanted her hair FLAT, and tight and no bumps or puffs. In vain I would say her hair just IS that way, (it's rather curly) to no avail. So, I wrote that piece, saying that in that year it wasn't MY fault that she looked like a peeled onion. She ASKED for it.

  4. Sounds like a great morning :) You will have to tell whichever girl it was...that "bumps" are somewhat in...

  5. Really enjoyed this one- I guess real is what we all know! In 10 years, she'll look back at pix of 'no bump hair' and hate how it looks. It's just how we are, eh?

  6. Well, I'm so glad to know that all your mornings aren't perfect know that misery loves company, right?! Well, at least ALL mornings aren't that way!
    and expired items? OH dear! don't get my daughter started on some items she found in my fridge/cupboards....!!!

  7. Hey, try duct tape on that big toe. It was suggested by our pediatrician a long time ago and it worked for our K in less than 30 days! Just apply a small piece, soak & scrub at night then reapply. Simple, cheap.