Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday musings

I'd show you my laundry pile, but I won't.  Somehow it would seem weird to go into the laundry room and take photos of unmentionables.  But take my word for it.  There's a lot there.  And I need to hit load #3 as soon as I'm through procrastinating typing an entry here.

Most of you would know, we just had the highlight of the year.  It all started first with a funeral.  And then four days of complete joy.  With the exception of a few, most of the important people in my life are all thrown into one building, listening to life-altering thoughts shared.  It is hard to describe.  You know that feeling.  And now we're home.  And happy to be here.

I still had bathroom duty.  And you know what?  I think it is the most rewarding job there.  I have a great partner in crime.  Between us, we have three daughters that are big helpers.  And I'm nearly ashamed to say that one elderly lady came up, gave me a big hug and literal kiss on the cheek and said I was willing to take the 'lowest place'.  Actually no.  We get a ton of recognition for the place smelling like 'Fresh Rain'.  Air fresheners can take you a long ways.  Well that and a good scouring with a toilet bowl brush.

Lisi came home from the kennel refreshed and happy.  But she was just biting at the bit to go walk.  So we went and it took longer.  You see she had a backlog.  All the disgusting things she sniffs along the way had been happening the whole time we were gone.  So lots to process in the doggy brain.  Or something like that.

I got a new phone!  Well sorta.  It's coming.  You see my cell phone has been fickle to say the least.  Just loses power.  Went into our local office and they will send a free replacement.  Just.  Like. That!  They say they have the best service - customer and coverage.  And today I'll believe it.

I've 'mused' enough.  I need to move instead of muse.  Or nothing will get done.


  1. I appreciated your FB status today...very true.

  2. Musing is good for the soul, moving is good for the body, and the rest of the family.

    SOMEBODY has to get the ball rolling, and it's the mom's job.

  3. I almost took a picture of the stack of dishes waiting for me when I got home from a weekend away... decided it wasn't for public eyes. :) I loved your description of Lisi's walk... it is just like that for Molly, too, when she hasn't had her daily walk around the neighborhood. I've compared it the the google reader when I haven't checked it for a few days... so much more to sniff out.