Monday, September 20, 2010

Mopey Monday

They warned me.  Some friends last week.  Careful.  Don't get too close.  We have a cold.  And me in my pompous and cavalier thinking wasn't worried.  I'm healthy.  I feel good.  I exercise daily.  I eat well.  I take vitamins.  And now... I have a cold.  It's a doozy.  Started out with a mild sore throat.  Then the 'tickly' feel in the nose that took off with gangbusters.  Last night I didn't know which to wipe first.  My tears pouring down or my nose.  So I did both together.  Gross?  You bet.  Then after the nasty virus has wreaked havoc on the upper sinuses, it moves on to the lungs.  Fills them with gunk.  And then the coughing begins.  Yuck.  Poor me.  

The family is so far unscathed.  I must be doing a dandy job of keeping my hands clean.  Or they have powerful resistance.  The girls seem a bit stuffed up.  The Chairman waves at me across the room.  He even shows affection in his eyes from afar.  But then yells from the back entry that he's leaving without his usual peck.  I wouldn't get near to me either.  

Cold medicines work well.  As soon as the time has elapsed to take it again I know it.  The sneezing fits start. The nose drips.  And the body feels yuck.  They tell you to drink lots of fluids, right?  So I have some tea here that is called 'Bedtime'.  I'm not sure why.  Must have a few leaves in it that come from some certain plant.  But it seems like an oxymoron.  How many of you can drink a big mug of hot tea and then sleep all night?  Not me.  

Well I've shared my mopey feelings enough.  Time to get moving again.  The family still needs to eat.  They need clean clothes and a tidy house.  At least I think so...


  1. Love the cartoon!
    And hope you're soon feeling better... you sound like me- I never get sick off of anyone else's bug... ah-choo achoo! That's a wild headdress in that top pic, by the way...

  2. I'm not sure if I would take the stomach flu over what you just described or not.

  3. UGH...sorry! Thankgoodness nothing comes through the computer or I wouldn't even be getting this close to you either. ;-) Seriously...hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. Look at your post dated Sept 21, 2009! LOL! I'm in the same boat...! ugh.

  5. Feeling any better today? Or should I send you another roll of TP?