Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Musings

Well I'm sure most of you know that the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl last night. It is a huge thing for those wearing cheeseheads in cheeseland. Like a really big deal. Like a special section of the paper dedicated to the team and game for the past two weeks and now another bigger, huger section dissecting every nuance of last night's game with pictures to boot.  Am I personally happy?  Well sure!  Will I be excited for the draft come spring and the early games in next year's season?  Probably not.  But if they start winning in post-season play, well I can't wait to jump on the wagon and play in the band again.

The Chairman left us.  That good-for-nothing... oh wait a minute.  He left us because his job took him away.  And he loves us and would never leave for long.  In fact, he called just an hour or so after leaving yesterday  wondering what we were doing and how we were.  Because he loves us.  He'll be home again by tomorrow evening.  And he'll be happy to get home.  Because he loves us.  We're pretty lucky to have a Chairman like that.

My parents at his very moment are flying next to North Korea on their way home from special days far away from here.  Kinda neat to flight track a plane and see where they are at.  Makes the world seem small somehow.

Speaking of flight, I've been 'Flying' with the Flylady.  There are things about that whole concept that are good.  Instead of putting something here to eventually put it there, why not put it 'there' in the first place?  As most of you know I'm not into clutter and stuff and such, so lots she talks about doesn't apply.  But yet there are some things that have inspired me to just deal with it.  No procrastinating.  Today's job is to clean the garbage can in the kitchen.  I probably wouldn't be doing it today if I hadn't read that I should.  And yes, my sink shines.

But our microwave is protesting.  It started 'clicking' a few weeks ago.  Then while I was warming up my milk/water for bread last week, it beeped and I pulled it out and it was still cold.  Ugh.  So it is hit and miss right now with it.  The problem is these appliances came with the house.  After only 4 years, we had to replace the dishwasher.  The microwave is next.  I'd like to have the appliances all be from the same 'family', but sure don't want to get another lemon.  Anyone have an over-the-range one you think is right-dandy?  So far we have Kitchen Aid for the stove/microwave.  Our Bosch replacement dishwasher has been flawless so far.

Daughter #1 had some friends over for Friday night/Saturday morning.  Do you know why I love sleepovers at our house so much?  Because it is so wonderful when the kids go home and it is just 'us' again.  I'm just kidding.  Sorta.  Depends on which kids are here.

Son #1 got to spend the day snowboarding at the local ski hill on Saturday.  He absolutely loves it.  But he loves anything that lets him be athletic and with others.  His worst punishment would be to put him in a room alone.  Daughter #1's ideal situation is to be put in a room alone.  Kids are a wonder.

Well Flylady wouldn't like me sitting here being idle.  So I best fly through the house and get it all in shape again.  I don't put on shoes though... my Crocs will do thankyouverymuch.


  1. Go flylady! Yes, even for clutterless people like you, she still has some great tips & encouragement.
    I always appreciate your musings...Monday or otherwise!

  2. That's the exact kind of football fan I am. I only (basically) care when it comes to the big games with the Packers or the Colts.
    Your parents will have some great stories to tell!

  3. We too have a Bosch dishwasher and LOVE it. Last spring we replaced our stove, refrigerator, and over-the-range microwave. We chose the Electrolux brand because we liked the look and features and wanted something that would last...of those three appliances only the microwave (oh, dare I say it?) hasn't had any problems. Very disappointing. The microwave has worked great so far, but that brand is not worth the money.

  4. I'll keep my mouth shut this time on appliances.....wait, was that me talking again? ;-)