Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My morning...

Out at the park today!
I bet you thought it was the Big Lady that was going to tell you something about her morning.  Well guess what?  It'll be far more interesting because I will tell you about my morning.  It started out very dull.  The Big Lady whisked all those little people out the door.  The Big Guy left after taking care of some extra snow.  And then I laid on my dog bed for hours and hours.  Or maybe it was a few minutes.  I don't really know because I'm a dog and time frames don't mean much.  Anyway I soon heard the five sweetest words I know.  "Wanna go for a ride?" the Big Lady asked in her chirpy way.  Of course I do.  Lets go!  Now!  Whoot!  Ready or not!  

And we were off.  We stopped after a bit at a dog park.  I leaped out and we did a lot of hiking through snow.  But the annoying thing is that there are dogs there.  Really.  I always bow down to any of them.  I like to think I'm right-smart as you never know who'll give you a good bite.  I'll let them be the Alpha.  I must say that  I do find it annoying how they always get their big, wet noses right in my private places.  That always bugs me.  Come on!  Show some decency!  I always like the dog people though.  They always say what a cute puppy I am and seem shocked when Big Lady tells them I'm three.  I can't help it I have a sweet, soft face and big feet.  

Then!  Then!  We go to the dog food store.  Now you have to realize that we dogs have a sense of smell up to 10,000 times better than you people.  So walking into a store like that with treats and rawhide and bags and bags and bags of kibble is, well like none other.  Picture your favorite Thanksgiving dinner, birthday meal, plus all your favorite foods all in one place cooked up and ready to devour.  Multiply it by 10,000 and you'll see why I get excited in there.  Wowser. The best part of the walk through the store to get my favorite bag of food?  CLEAN UP IN AISLE 9!  They didn't even have to announce it.  The Big Lady and I go around the corner and there it was.  A mess that I personally needed to tend to.  I think the broken open bag was dog food for daschunds, but who cares?  It tasted good to the last crumb.  Then since I was in the mood for taste-testing, I stuck my big, sweet head into the treat bin and snuck one before the Big Lady could see me and yell.  Well I got it half-way gone before I heard the familiar sound of her chewing me out.  But I was smart.  I nosed into the biggest bones, so I got all I wanted.  

I'm sorry I haven't been more naughty because I'd love to tell you all the funny story.  So this will have to do.  My morning out and about with the Big Lady.  Pardon me now as I hear my dog bed calling.  
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  1. Lisi, Your are a marvel, and good and cute, but do I dare say, "just almost as cute as your cousin" who gets rather bored at our house, but he is learning how to drive dump trucks and dozers!
    You deserve a good belly rub for helping clean that store up, after all there is no mop that could do that good.
    Your cousin's aunt. :-)

  2. oh Lisi, you struck out again for trying....

  3. Oh Lisi- you're such a cracker jack! I'm really happy for you that you got to go along to the dog food store!