Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Musings

Sure hope I didn't have some of you checking the site over and over again wondering if I've 'mused' yet.  Then again, I don't think I'm as wildly popular as I like to think I am.  You see we had a little winter break here and there's been no school since last Thursday noon.  So I've been too busy to 'muse'.

The weather has been a focus of late.  Last week we were teased with some very balmy temperatures for this part of the country.  We upper-midwesterners are pretty forgiving about winter.  We realize it will come.  It will be cold.  And snowy.  And then soon the days get longer and spring comes.  We can handle it.  But give us the feel of sun and the smell of wet grass and then after all that wonderful stuff bring on another snow storm and you've got some testy folks out there.  But it is soon the end of February and the days will get warmer.  Or so we hope.  

I spent 24 hours at my parent's home again.  It was nice to catch up with them again after their last venture to the far east.  A couple leisurely visits over tea or coffee.  The kids got some shopping done.  And we ate yummy things as ever.  This time they made a 'Chinese meal' right down to mandatory chop sticks.  We all enjoyed it immensely.  I just find it humorous that my own dad did NOT like rice much while we were growing up.  He was a meat/potatoes kind of guy.  But because of the love he feels for some souls far away, he now enjoys their food as well.  Interesting I say.

Son #1 got his first model car to put together, glue, and paint.  He loves working on it.  Like really loves it.  Like so much that he forgot he has two sisters to pester to puddles.  So it's been basically peaceful here at the ranch.  Kinda strange really.

And so another tooth was lost by daughter #2.  She loses them.  The gums get all serious looking like a replacement will pop into place and it doesn't.  So she's got quite the snaggle-toothed grin these days.  I took a picture just so when she's a beautiful young lady, she'll remember what she looked like.

Yesterday since our afternoon meeting was cancelled, I hunched over for awhile hours and finished the puzzle.  But... one daughter kept coming over and wanted me to stop.  Finally in exasperation she said, 'Mom, some day you'll be old and can do these puzzles all the time when we are gone.  But right now you have us to play with.  So play with us!'  Point taken.  And the puzzle is done!

Four more boxes gone through in the basement from our move over two years ago.  If I haven't needed it by now, will I ever?  Probably not.  Good riddance to Goodwill!

And finally, this is altogether most riveting.  Which side of the sink do you wash dishes in the kitchen?  Nearly every time I have someone helping do dishes at our home, they ask, 'which side do you wash on?'  Why do they ask?  Or why does it matter?  I actually wash on the non-disposer side so I can continue to dump stuff down while I'm doing dishes.  What's the advantage one way or the other?  Yes, I know... riveting.  

So without further ado, here's some snapshots of the past few days....

enjoying Grandma time

enjoying her new drawing pad

enjoying chopsticks

enjoying us there (or so we hope)

enjoying the 'bus' they created on Sunday in the foyer
enjoying a Sunday afternoon nap

enjoying father/son time with the new model car 

enjoying a busy tooth fairy


  1. what lovely cozy times...with kids with great imaginations and talent and with parents/ grandparents with happy smiles and yummy food galore!

  2. 'Round these parts- you do the dishes in the sink. Period. There is only 1 basin/side so not even an issue! ;)