Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Words on Wednesday

looks toasty warm, eh?

a little snow came down

so pretty blowing

The Chairman clearing a path

the silly dog and the Chef

so sweet when they aren't fighting

Well they promised it would come and it did.  A doozy of a storm.  It was fun because we were prepared.  And the Chairman got home in good-proper time before it really whomped us.  I think SE Wisconsin was so preoccupied from the impending storm that they nearly forgot the Packers are playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday.  Or maybe not.  Go Pack Go!  
I woke up a bit later today knowing right-well there was no school.  Got up and thought, it is really chilly today!  Maybe the Chairman turned down the furnace further last night to let the wood stove work its charm.  Or again, maybe not.  It was 57 in here.  Oh boy.  We head down and look at the furnace that isn't running.  Scratch our collective heads.  The Chairman heads out to the frozen tundra to make sure nothing is blocked.  It isn't.  On a whim I flip off the switch and flip it back on again and voila!  It kicked into gear.  Now mind you I have no clue what I did.  But I'm glad I saved $327 by not having to call a repair guy.  Wondering if the gale-force winds had anything to do with it?  I see on FB that a few others had similar issues.  So maybe our furnace isn't that special.  Just a bit touchy...

One of the many young children told us of a fellow-student that gets rewarded for grades.  Seemed like a sorta-good idea. So we said we'd give thus-and-such for an 'A', and 'B'.  Nothing for a 'C', you pay this much for a 'D', and dear me if you get an 'F', well, I take all the money out of your bank account or something like that.  I tabulated the earnings for this quarter.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, they did quite well.  I'm certain we bumped up a couple grades by the incentive.  But I read conflicting reports on this method of encouragement.  Money talks here.  But is it the best?  Hey you moms out there... what have you done?

Got a call today that we get to have others come tonight since the appointed place for this week is buried.  So we rallied together and are ready.  And it sure is nice to have a clean house in record time! 

The family vote was for chili and cornbread muffins tonight.  Sounds good on a cold and windy day.  

Stay warm!  At least in your hearts...


  1. I just did the $$ incentive this year thinking it would be a help for my younger students. I was (pleasantly) surprised by straight As so....!!! Not sure how long I will keep this up, though!

  2. Clean house? How were they supposed to get down the street in front of that mailbox I see in the picture featuring The Chairman?

  3. I did exactly that several years ago when we were needing some incentive. I don't do it now for our youngest two--they would break the bank, and for some (lucky) reason, need no incentive to bring home straight A's. Neither do I have ANY idea where they came from, certainly didn't get that from either side of the family, OR any of the other 10 of their siblings!!

  4. Just out of curiosity- Where does the Chairman's path go? I mean if that's your driveway- Well, it looks like you are really out in the tundra!
    I enjoyed seeing the online pix of the storm... would have been fun to be in it (just for the novelty of it, you know).