Monday, March 30, 2015

I love the man in brown...

Johnny Cash always wore black and even had a song called, "Man in Black".  Well I'm not sure who Johnny Cash is, but I do know this.  I love the "Man in Brown".

Hello!  This is your old friend Lisi!  Yes, I said old.  You see I'm still the sweet and sometimes spunky dog I always have been.  I am starting to get older though.  Kind of like the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway.

Today, she decided to walk a little earlier than normal.  We started on our usual hike down a bike path.  She whispered 'sic em!' to me and I chased a few squirrels up a tree.  I love being able to be off leash as much as possible so I can race after rodents and sniff neighbor dogs.  Then as we got near a road, Big Lady looked at me like she was about to leash me, but for some reason she didn't.  Just after that I heard it!  I heard the big brown truck!  I love the big brown truck!  I love the man in brown on the big brown truck.  And I think he loves me.  You might even remember this post from awhile ago.

My ears perk up.  He's coming over to our street.  Big Lady stops us at the corner.  She tells me to sit.  The truck roars up.  The door is open!  The man in brown looks at me and smiles.  I forget I'm a trained dog.  In fact I forget I ever went to obedience school.  All I can see is the loving eyes of the man in brown and I know, I just know he wants to see me.

I rush up the stairs into his truck and sit down right next to him.  He says, 'well hello there big fella (silly man in brown must think I'm a guy like him) over the shrieks of the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway.  She was really living up to her name today.  The man in brown pats me.  Scritches me under the ears in a perfect way and then says, 'I better give you a treat!'.  Well Mr, what are you waiting for?

The Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway said something terrible.  She said, 'the dog doesn't need a treat!'.  I gave her the stink eye.  The man in brown (love him so) didn't listen to the Big Lady.  He picked up a treat and threw it at me.  Did I say I love him so?  Oh I did.  Anyway, the Big Lady grabs me without a lot of love in her heart and drags me down the stairs of the UPS truck.  What a crab.  Doesn't she realize that the sole purpose of my being is to spread joy and happiness to mundane days?

The big brown truck and the man in brown roared off for their next stop.  The Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway muttered something about me being a disobedient and emotional dog.

So we continued on our walk.  She continued talking to me, but the tone got sweeter as the time went on.  Soon I was back off of my leash sniffing and chasing and enjoying the joys of life.  She can yell and be crabby and embarrassed about me, but deep down inside I know she loves me and always will.  Just like I love the man in brown, and black, and white, and blue, and...

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  1. Hello Lisi,
    See, I've been saving this post for awhile because, well, I wanted to write you a little missive. I once knew another canine who did NOT like The Man in Brown. In fact, all you had to say to this pouch was Where's the UPS Man? and little missie would absolutely go crazy, barking and growling with real intent to do damage. It's really to bad you never had the chance to meet her, she could maybe have been rehabilitated. On the other hand, it was rather amusing. And when I saw Little Missie the last time, it made me sad to see that she was so deaf, she could no longer even enjoy barking the UPS man into his place... she could no longer hear the magic words or the truck. So, Miss Lisi, thanks for sharing your thoughts again. And for letting me share my doggie ramblings. :-)