Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bonus Post

Well hello!  It's your lucky day!  A bonus post this week!  I was actually thinking I'll just stick with Mondays, but I feel like a little musing on a Thursday.

It's lilac season here at the Chairman and Co.  They are spreading their fragrance all around.  I thought it smelled so good outside that I cut some branches that needed to be trimmed anyway and brought a large bunch inside.  They permeated the entire kitchen with their perfume.  To the point it made me want to sneeze.  So much for bringing the beauty of the outside in.

I have a love/hate relationship with the vegetable garden.  I won't use the word hate, but I'm not happy.  I needed to replant a bunch of squash and cucumber seeds.  Then I realized I plum-forgot to plant my potato seedlings.  So I had to sneak them in on the edge.  Now the weeds are popping like crazy.  I wish I could just stick to flowers.

I mean look at this beauty!  It's just a peony bush that my mother-in-law brought over some years ago and stuck in our dirt.  I love fuchsia.  And I love my flowers - both perennials and annuals.  I find myself walking the yard often watching them grow before my eyes.

So I was doing a bit of decluttering and purging today.  I got through the "Tupperware" cupboard and the dish towels/cloths.  One of the MYP took my picture it seems.

Then I decided to tackle a cupboard in my bathroom.  I knocked over a full bottle of Nyquil that didn't have its lid on tight and bright-red, sticky gunk ran all over one shelf and dripped down all over my extra set of sheets.  Yuck.  As I was trying to clean up the mess I wondered how they clean up crime scenes.

There's a lot of claims about how wonderful Norwex is for cleaning.  I agree with most all of them.  But I need to add a claim that probably hasn't been said.  I think Norwex has kept our cat from getting his neck wrung.  You see the Chairman likes a clean car.  And a cat likes to walk on a clean car.  And so I peek out very early in the morning and quickly wipe it off with a wet cloth and buff it dry with the purple one.  Don't tell the Chairman my secret.  Or the cat's neck might get wrung.

This came anonymously today in the mail!  What is it you ask?  A get well card with an enclosed tissue from a 'blog stalker'.  I almost thought I figured out who sent it and then I didn't.  So a shout-out to whomever didn't want me to 'suffer in silence' over my last virus!  Thanks for making me smile.

TOMORROW IS NATIONAL DONUT DAY!!!  Why am I shouting?  Well I'm not ashamed to say that donuts are nearly my all-time favorite food.  AND!  I got this text today!  A free donut for frugal me?  Wow.  Don't diss Kwik Trip donuts from the gas station.  They are deliciousness.  Honest.
Daughter #1 is about six weeks from her drivers test.  We've done more and more practicing.  She seems happy about it.  My knuckles... not so much.

Well that's about enough for the bonus round of blogging this week!  Happy June days to you!

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  1. I wanted to send you a get well card, too, but figured that, by the time it got there from here you'd be clueless! Glad someone did! ;-)