Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Monday Musings (+1)

Hello!  I didn't forget you!  In fact, as I went to bed last night (Monday) I felt a bit distressed (not depressed).  I hadn't a moment to blog!  So without further ado.

Summertime is busy.  Especially with friends and family and a social immediate family.  We like it that way, but then sometimes important things like blogging take the back seat.  I was marveling how different life is from one week to the next.  I was humming along in my solitude and would wait for the bus come roaring in by 3.  Yesterday I drove from point A to point B to point C and D and E and F and G and then had to return to point E and then back to G.  Got it?  I hardly did either.  But thankfully, everyone got to where they needed to go.

So we had our area-wide graduation for our friends.  Aren't they lovely?
There was a big picnic to honor all these lovelies.  But there was a problem with the picnic.  There wasn't near enough time to talk to everyone I wanted to despite being there for over four hours.  So many people... not enough time.

Then there's this sweetie.  She was the balm to my very aching heart about 18 years ago.  Her parents so willingly shared her with me/us when our arms were empty after losing our baby.  I had the privilege of babysitting the little smarty for several years.  She was then what she is today.  A spunky, sweet, and very kind young lady.  As I told her mom at the picnic, you have every reason to be very thankful and even a little bit proud.  Congrats to you A!
Then there's this dear one.  She's our niece.  I say that with boldness because she calls me her 'white Aunty and Uncle'.  She came to this country as a teeny little girl as her father is a brilliant man and a corporation in our area wanted him here to help solve world problems.  Or maybe better explained, make better ultrasound and MRI machines.  Her mother is a dear friend of mine.
Anyway, the family kindly asked if we would join them for a delicious dinner of Indian fare at their home before the graduation celebration.  So we partook of mutton and other delicacies.  Many years ago their traditional Indian fare seemed somehow very foreign.  These days, it seems almost normal.  But it isn't just normal.  It's delicious!  Then off to the graduation ceremony.  Don't let her wide-smile fool you.  This girl is a 4.6 gpa smart.  

 Son #1 helping her pin on all the high honor achievements :)

the family

another family that loves her

Then we are in the midst of this.  Getting our hardwood floors refinished.  We have to have all furniture and dogs off for 48 hours (Lisi doesn't appreciate this).  No rugs for a week.  The mess makes me almost testy.  I need deep breaths to overcome my OCD in wanting everything back in its place.  We will survive.  I hope everyone else does in my crankypants ways.  My parents were very kind to offer us a place to go with dog in tow for the day today! 

So it is strawberry season here and I need to get some berries picked.  And son #1's birthday and Father's Day all this week.  And then there are three more birthdays and another celebration and what-not in the next weeks.  

There's a saying about the barrenness of a busy life.  Well in this case there's a bursting of people and privileges in a busy life.  Maybe, just maybe I'll be able to Muse next week actually on a Monday!  

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