Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Musings

Is it Monday already?  It is?  And this week is the 4th of July, right?  Why is the clock spinning faster than it normally does?  Ahhh... summertime.

Lets see.  The last time we chatted, a few things have happened.

The sheriff came to visit us.  You see someone here happened to fall for a ploy to call 911 and he/she did and then when it went through he/she hung up.  Then the return call was hung up on.  And then the local sheriff came to see if there was distress.  I had a nice visit with Mr. Law and Order and we had a learning experience out on the driveway about calling 911.  Meeshka.

There are incredibly huge things happening in the world and in our country right now.  Yes, I have a FB account and yes, I enjoy looking at it frequently.  However, I'm not enjoying the feeder lately due to political banter and ponder pulling the plug on social media (with the exception of this blog of course!).

We have been bestowed the unearned titles of 'Aunty and Uncle' to our dear friends.  There was a celebratory open house for the recent graduate and we were invited to attend.  I was asked to be fitted with a sari and wear that for the event.  It took me at least three zones away from my comfort zone.  I stood there in their hallway getting my sari put on and pinned.  After it was all done I felt a bit like a cross between a Barbie doll and the Statue of Liberty.  The Chairman thought I looked lovely.  And I must admit, this REI/Eddie Bauer-dressed lady felt kind of regal.
this is the length of the sari skirt!  please excuse the cat that was cautiously sniffing it.
It was fascinating rubbing elbows with so many from a different culture.  Although all speak English, there's a distinct accent.  There's unique foods.  And there is stunning beauty.

We had a extra-special weekend too because of these guys.  Because we are blessed with so many nearby friends, we only get this privilege a couple times a year.
Then there was this picture taken after our gm yesterday.  And that's not all the young people that were there!
The flowers are lovely this time of year!  I take the same pictures year after year and it is usually the very same flowers that are re-blooming.  I have been loving that thought.  Even though it isn't the exact same flower that was seen years ago, it is just as pretty today because it is coming out of the same root. 

So we have three birthdays coming up in the next nine days.  That leads me to believe I have a wee bit of shopping to do.  Not to mention listening to some grandiose party plans.  I hope I get a nap sometime between it all!  Happy week ahead! 


  1. Enjoying catching up on blog reading after a month of preps and convs. How about a big all around Happy Birthday to all the candidates at your house since the preps/convs continue for another month!
    And I loved the part about the same flowers blooming year after year.
    Happy Summer!

  2. You look nice in your sari after your harrowing 911 events. :)