Thursday, June 11, 2015

Frothy Friday (minus one day)

ed note:  ok I goofed.  Because it is the last day of school it feels like a Friday.  Thanks to an observant reader that loves to point out when I am wrong  Heh!  

Mmmm.  Sounds like a good cup of coffee with froth.  But instead it is just lots of rain on the window.  I don't think that's froth.  But "Drippy Friday" doesn't sound as clever.  I just had a blog hit from Norway by someone searching for a photo of "rain raining".  Hope they saw something wet here.  I'll look at my camera roll and see what I can show you.

I love to sit and just enjoy the green

She's such a baby.  As I was sitting and enjoying the green she thought it was an opportunity to nap on me.

Ok, this was a bit too crazy.  But she said she wanted to try it.  And so she had about five jumps before I pictured her and I at urgent care getting a cast on.
I'm glad I have friends like this

Son #1 got part of an early birthday.  He is loving the fishing/kayaking

A nearby lake is so pristine...

This was a reality.  Daughter #2 saw smoke in the ceiling of her classroom and alerted her teacher.  Firetrucks came as the students stood outside.  An a/c unit had melted wires.  No students were hurt in the process.

Eggs from relatives have been deliciousness.  I marvel at the difference in yolk color from standard eggs in the store.

A rainy day.  However, please draw your attention to the geranium.  I have never been very successful with them before.  Yay me!

There's nothing like a new 'monkey' to make your day feel good.
And so, in two hours two of the MYP are done with the school year.  By noon tomorrow, they all are done.  I can't wait to show them the chore lists they'll be getting.  Heh.  I promise, there'll be lots of fun thrown in too.

See you back here on Monday when we Muse!


  1. Frothy Friday . . . . on Thursday . . . . ??? Am "I" mixed up or what?

  2. It's raining again here, and I wish you could have some of our eggs. We have an embarrassment of eggs in our fridge. Something like 5 dozen.

  3. I say you're a good mom for allowing a girl some adventure. And for the kayak. ;-)