Friday, January 15, 2016

Fragrant and frizzy Friday

The things I do that I would haven't even considered years ago when I was hip and single.  A few minutes ago the text came in.  "Mom.  I need pennies for patients money right away."  I'm sitting in my pjs and fuzzy bathrobe and enjoying quiet reading.  So throw a long coat over the pjs, a hat over my rats-nest of post-sleep hair and take my fragrant body to the school office.  On a side note, they actually don't want "pennies".  They wanted at least $10.

Do you have little ones you are continually trying to quickly go down for a nap or to bed?  Just wait until they are teenagers!  Their schedule is sometimes too full and their eyelids too heavy.  The other night after supper two of our sweet teens both said independently, 'I'm going to go take a nap before we have to go to g.m.'.  Age really changes parenting tactics.  Now I'm trying to get them out of bed not into it!

Since the cat has only been to the vet office, I wonder if each and every time we leave in the car that he thinks we are going to the vets?  Or maybe his wee cat brain doesn't think that deeply since he only seems hardwired for mice and soft places to sleep.  Lisi is a different story.  She's just plain morose when we go anywhere without her.  No matter where it would be, it would be the best trip ever.

I know I should be urging our MYP to make their own school lunches.  But they are very busy with work and school and extra-curriculars and so I don't make them.  However, the luster of making three lunches tailored to each child - each and every morning at dark o'clock has lost its luster.  Sandwich, crunchy something, fruit or veg, a treat, a healthy snack or two... so far they haven't complained of their choices.  I would have them eat the school lunch but one refuses because it all is 'gross'.  The other two are ambivalent and it costs nearly $4/lunch.  So frugal me keeps spreading the mayo.

I've been going through some closets here and there.  I texted this picture to daughter #1 of her bathroom yesterday.  She replied, 'are we moving?'

on a -20 wind chill day before we walked.  

Love updating our picture board and the friends that share their pictures!

shopping at Costco on an empty stomach isn't the best idea

Well that's enough.  Happy weekend!


  1. The lunch rut....I relate. Planting time/ Harvest time/ Four men/ day after day/ sandwich/ fruit/ drink (enough for all day ) / a sweet treat/ and the constant..."wonder how I can make this more healthy" train of thought. One way I have done that is by making Ranch dressing from Greek Yogurt and adding a chopped jalapeno, because the hotter the better for all of them, and I use it in place of mayo.

  2. I'm glad I only had one to make lunch for. What is it with school lunches that they are so gross?