Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Words on Wednesday

Bonus Muse this week!  The Chairman's Granola is out of the oven (recipe provided on request).  Potato soup started.  Vegetables all ready for a pot roast supper (or dinner if you're high brow).

Lets see.  Yesterday as I was driving, I heard about a contest that seems like it won't last very long.  The prize was a 'lifetime supply of bacon'.  If you are eating that much bacon, I reckon the lifetime won't be that long.  I hope it's at least Nueske bacon so you can go out with joy.

I stopped at a computer repair shop.  We have a CPU that has died and the call confirmed that it should have a funeral and proper burial.  I'm hoping there wasn't anything too important on it as I'm not diligent about backing things up.  The computer repair man seemed very morose.  I really wanted to ask him as he was typing up my info if his office computers ever went down.  But I didn't.  

I also stopped at Goodwill.  It was kind of surreal to find the exact skirt I was wearing hanging on a rack there.  It must not be as cute as I thought it was.  

I also stopped at the grocery store for just two things on my list.  Here's how it turned out:

There's a saying, "practice what you preach".  I find that extremely difficult with the new drivers in the household.  As I rode along last night I heard myself say, "now don't do like I do at this stop sign.  Remember you must go the speed limit.  Don't take that corner so fast!"  And suddenly, I've got two back seat drivers when I go anywhere.

We have one of those new adult coloring books.  The MYP thought it was just a hoot and a holler watching me but then one soon joined in.  They're oddly therapeutic even if I'm not an artist.

This morning the cat was meowing as usual to be let in after a night on the town and for some reason I was thinking of that Adele song, "Hello" when he was meowing.  "Hello from the other side, I must have called a thousand times..."  If you don't know who Adele is, then never mind.  It isn't that important.  

Also this morning there was a sunrise.  "As wakes the morn' with mercies new..." I really love bare trees against the sky lately.

Sometimes I type things out and hardly realize that people are reading this and may actually hold me accountable.  Well a friend that lives nearby was interested in my New Year's resolution and said she wants to join me in going to some visits.  I thought I had a whole year to live up to my words and here we are in week one...  so thanks to her!

Mused out!  Happy mid-week!


  1. Oh my yes, post the granola recipe please. I have one I use and like, but perhaps yours is better! I totally I revisit my childhood love of coloring in my new trendy adult coloring book, I feel the same's oddly therapeutic.

  2. Having those backseat drivers taught me to keep my mouth shut!

  3. 1. At least you didn't forget the milk.
    2. People here are totally getting those adult coloring books, too. But I miss my Holly Hobby.
    3. Even I know who Adele is. I have to admit, hearing her (doesn't happen often) sure beats the typical Russian Pop we mostly get on the buses here.
    4. Auto correct is driving me nuts.
    5. Happy New Year!