Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Monday Musings (+ 1 day)

Sorry for the delay.  I had a somewhat busy day yesterday and I was hardly alone to sit down and let the words flow.  Today I am somewhat alone.  Well one of the MYP is upstairs lying abed with a fever and dreadful sore throat.  I have a worry about strep.  Will see what develops.

You see there is a 20 mph wind with a temperature of 5 degrees at present.  The 'feels like' is about -20.  The dog wants to walk.  The wood stove keeps calling me back.  A purring cat at my feet.  But my midsection and the dog will thank me for my efforts once I get out there.  Brrr.

Last weekend we spent 24 hours up at a humongous water park a couple hours from here.  We were invited to go with friends to celebrate a 13-year olds birthday.  It was nice because they did all the booking and checking in and even gave us the use of the master suite!  And to top it all off, they provided a fully home-cooked Indian dinner in our cabin.  That's what I call a good friend.  Heh.  

Water parks are just weird places.  I stay out of hot tubs because it just looks like you are sitting there in your skivvies sharing water with who-knows-what and trying not to make eye contact with the person closest to you.  Not to mention the skin cells or viruses floating around you.  Did I ruin your desire to hot tub it at the next hotel?  ((sorry))

Another reason they are weird places is because people walk around covered only as much (or even less) as their underwear.  It's kind of like people watching at the mall or sometimes state fair with no clothes on.  You see things you really don't want to.  You check out tattoos.  You see veins and dimples and moles that would make a dermatologist cringe.  Yes.  Interesting places.

I did enjoy the high humidity and the overall warmth in all the spots I sat and people watched.  I did go on some rides with the Chairman because deep down I'm a kid at heart despite my gray hair and saggy chin.  

So I'm off to make chicken soup with rice.  There was a song on one of the toddler cassette tapes we had with some lady singing that.  It always pops into my head when I'm ready to make it and here's the link.

And despite the fact I made a batch of whole-wheat, grainy bread yesterday, I'm going to make a batch of Amish white.  Yes, I realize it isn't as healthy.  But sometimes I like to have it to dunk in soup or make grilled cheese or french toast.  So don't judge.  Heh.

One of our precious teenagers was quite upset and went barn-storming out the door yesterday to school.  It was so obnoxious it was funny.  Soon a text comes in... 'I love you'.  I responded, 'I love you more'.  It's just a picture of us.  We can be so unlovable sometimes.  To those we are closest to.  To the One who gave his best.  And soon we realize, we need to say it again.  'I love you'.  And the response is 'I love you more'.  It's such a comfort on several levels.  

So without further adieu, here's a few snapshots from the past couple days.  And no, I didn't take a close-up selfie of myself at the water park in case you were interested.  Heh.

Yes, and thankfully I have the Chairman as well

Mr. Muscles and his sister and friend

Curry anyone?

I tried to take a pic without close-ups of people 

before a very chilly night walk

new year, cleaned-up bulletin board.  Thanks for your pics!

It's lovely to have fresh fruit in the dead of winter.


  1. Thanks for the laughs ... and the urge to make chicken soup with rice! :)

  2. Ha ha ha....yeah, hot tubs are awkward and you made me laugh reading how you described it all!

  3. One of my very lovely daughters would stomp out once in awhile and I always got a very apologetic text and "love you".

    And that "then I had teenagers" is spot on!

  4. The main reason I mostly don't go swimming in very public places. I hate not having to use my imagination, shall we say. And I'd rather you used yours about me! Ha.
    Since I eat so little bread to begin with, I go with white every time, if I have a choice.
    Yes to the curry. Fantastically delicious!