Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Musings

Well I got my adrenaline rush for the day.  On my way to Costco I was cruising long and then I noticed what looked like a cop car.  Then I looked down at my speed.  I was 11 mph over the speed limit.  The cop pulls over and u-turns behind me.  I polish my halo and fluff out my angel wings and try to look like a perfect angel that would never speed or disobey the law.  However, I'm also trying to come up with a list of excuses.  And also think of how I'm going to tell the Chairman I was pulled over and fined $120 for driving too fast.  The cop either saw through my back window that I indeed had a halo over my head and angel wings sticking out my back, or he thought 11 mph over the limit wasn't bad enough to stop me or he didn't have on his laser or he lost interest in me.  No matter.  He left my tail and drove away after a bit.  Whew.

I posted "60 things you should say to your children" on our refrigerator.  The MYP thought it was all a hoot of a joke and read them and laughed and laughed (at me).  Then they went even further and were saying all the things I really say to them "GET OUT OF BED!"  "KNOCK IT OFF!"  "SET THE TABLE"...  and yes, in a yelling tone.  ((sigh))

Before the extreme wind/chilly weather came in, we hit the slopes on Saturday.  I'm not a great skier.  I've only skied really for a couple years.  I can safely get down the hills.  I came back from our Colorado skiing adventure last spring without any cast on.  But the first run every year gives me the willies.  I'm kinda slow like that.
 Last night it was windy and cold.  I even screen shot my phone so you could see it was a -25 wind chill factor.  Lisi and I headed out for a bit, but she decided to turn around before I did.  I had on two layers of pants and she did not.  Doesn't seem fair does it?  Lisi is really good at selfies these days.

 This was on my FB feeder and it isn't funny.  Too bad she wasn't dressed for the elements.
I took one of those silly on-line quizzes a couple days ago.  I thought the results were spot-on.  Hardly.  I agree number three.  The rest?  Not so much.  
It got me thinking though.  What are four things that I couldn't live without?  I came up with a lot more, but here are the top four anyway:  1) my faith, 2) my family, 3) my friends, and 4) my smartphone as it is my camera and organizer and planner and a host of other things.  

So!  This is it!  I intend to nap by the fire for a few moments before I head into the arctic wind.  

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  1. It took me years to be able to ski down a mountain without falling down. Just about the time I started to get comfortable with it, I'm not going to go anymore.