Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Words on Wednesday

Spring is coming!  I was just in the hardware store yesterday and they have garden seeds and little seed trays prominently displayed up front.  I'm not switching out my boots for flip-flops quite yet.

I sat in the dental office yesterday waiting for son #1 to get a couple teeth pulled.  I saw this fish tank.  It is full of fish.  I have one little goldfish that loves life and keeps swimming.  I would love to re-home him.  I'm wondering if the dental people would notice if I snuck in with a little baggie of our fish and just slipped him in with these big guys.  And no, I didn't find Nemo.
I also went to the foot doctor for daughter #1.  I really really liked him.  I really really don't like the price tag on the potential upcoming surgery.  Think almost five digits...  After we got home and I was telling the Chairman about the $$$$$ price tag she said, "are you still glad you adopted me?".  That put it all in perspective.  I'd give my life for her.  Really.  

We live in Dairyland!  It is big news when a lot of cheese is stolen.  The news headline said "No Whey!" (clever)  It appears $70,000 worth of cheddar and some other varieties was stolen but recovered.  However, another truck with $90,000 of Parmesan is still missing.  Sounds like an awful lot of spaghetti is needed to take care of that amount.  

I actually am one of those people that enjoy cooking/baking.  I was almost brainstorming the other day about making meals for families and then selling them.  I could freeze lasagnas, enchiladas, stroganoff (spell check doesn't recognize that word), shrimp fettuccine, stir-fry,  or whatever you would request.  Send along a few loaves of bread to go with.  And voila!  Supper or dinner or whatever you call it.  I doubt this idea takes flight.  But it is fun to entertain.  

Lisi is getting better.  I cancelled the vet appointment and Googled potential issues.  She pulled a shoulder muscle in case you were interested.  And she's back to her rambunctious self.  

Daughter #2 took me down memory lane which isn't that far back.  She's looking for a picture of herself as a baby/toddler for her 8th grade graduation this spring.  Yes, our 'baby' is going into high school.  They say don't blink or you'll miss it.  I'm trying not to blink and it makes my eyes water.
Desperate moms call for desperate measures for entertainment
I'd love to take this little girl for a walk again
no words
this makes my heart smile and seize at the same time

 What is love?  It is The Chairman leaving the sock drawer open so he makes the least amount of noise in the wee hours of the morning despite his own pet peeve of leaving drawers open.
 The following picture is kinda like a Pinterest fail picture.  I saw a photo and recipe online for delicious sour cream cake doughnuts.  So I stirred them up and friend them and my gall bladder seized and protested at first bite.  They were exceeding rich, sweet, and way too greasy for my liking.  Thanks anyway.  We all shared about two between the five of us and the rest went straight to the garbage.
Well this is enough.  That doughnut picture is making my stomach turn.  I'll leave you with what I just saw out the window.


  1. I love this post. I love the pix!

  2. I hope you let those fur balls in. They are so cute. The donuts don't tempt me like your bread would!!!!!

  3. If you're going to eat doughnuts, you need the real thing. I haven't made any this year.
    I, too, hope you took pity on your poor creatures.