Friday, April 15, 2011


Birthday greetings to the Queen of the home! What better way to celebrate the arrival of the Publisher than to publish a second installment of the review that was initiated in September of 2009. In the first segment, we covered the foundational meeting that placed the wheels of courtship in motion. Her apparent interest in me despite my low-key lifestyle was intriguing. Most vitally, her interest did not seem in any way to be controlling or smothering.

After the initial meeting in the arid Southwest, the early days consisted of a telephone call every two weeks. While the pace of the calls gradually increased, the initial conversations were helpful in discussing various matters. In addition to casual banter, serious issues were gingerly broached. Calls normally extended nearly two hours. First I would listen to events of the past week or two as summarized by the Publisher. After politely listening to both mundane and interesting events expressed in a lively manner, I would begin to get directly involved in the call. Sometimes I would step in once I noticed inconsistencies in the information being shared. During that era, I had no idea that what was important was the emotion being felt at that moment, not reconciling a discrepancy from a month, a day, or an hour ago.

The pace and direction of communication worked quite well for both parties. I noticed that the Publisher would grow quiet and listen in rapt attention as I would blather over a wide range of philosophical ideas. For me, the give-and-take of a conventional conversation can be mentally exhausting. Usually, I prefer to respectfully listen, then at some point, if the audience appears to be attentive, transition to dominate the discussion. My endeavor at verbal dominance can extend until I eventually realize I may have gone too far.

Despite the distance between MKE and MSP, sometimes we were able to plan work trips that allowed for personal visits. Beneficially, the Publisher was able to take me out on her expense account on an occasional basis. However, one of the first dinner dates between Chairman and Publisher went awry after I introduced one too many sweeping arm gestures into my growing conversation skillset. At the otherwise demure-yet-tightly-seated dining establishment, I vividly remember the female lead of a 50-something couple looking at me with an “are you for real?” expression as I confidently expounded on various topics. Regrettably, in one abrupt swing of the arm, I tipped over a full glass of water into the lap of the Publisher. Confidence was replaced with shame as I ruefully struggled to remedy the accident. The Publisher was more than capable of righting the ship without my assistance. After my filibuster at the restaurant came to an inglorious end, the disdainful expression of the lady at the adjacent table was replaced with a smug “that’s what you get” look. More importantly, I learned that the Publisher can be forgiving of imprudence if there is contrition. Note that, to date, I have not repeated the same mistake.

So then, as the season of the birth of the Publisher arrives, thanks again for what you have been and what you are (and what you will be). This concludes this segment of the review.

Oh, as an aside, I may have reported something untrue in my previous (4th) post. I stated I do not read any blogs. However, I have noticed that I am occasionally on economic, financial, political, historical, vehicle, or sports websites that are “blogs.” As such, my sincere apologies to all readers who may have been temporarily misled. Nonetheless, I continue to maintain that I do not read personal social blogs.

Next episode of the review: the dating heats up!


  1. oh- and here I thought you were going to say you read my blog............


    Happy Birthday to the Publisher!!!