Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eleven years ago...

"You're just mad because you're not adopted."  Then a tussle broke out in the mudroom this morning.  Daughter #1 and daughter #2.  I was about to intervene and then it hit me.  This is a good thing.  It is 'better' to be adopted.  At least in their eyes.  Especially on a 'Gotcha Day' such as we are having today.  Eleven wonderful years ago we were in China meeting our daughter and loving her to the core the moment she was placed in our aching arms.  

I am thankful.  

I am thankful we have been entrusted with her life. 
I am thankful for what she has brought to our family.
I am thankful for who she is growing up to be.
I am thankful she is (usually) a Ray of sunshine.
I am thankful that we have the privilege in guiding her soul.

And I am thankful that she has siblings to squabble with. I'll let them try to figure out which is better - adoption or by birth.  Because I am certain I will never be able to discern which is better... because they both really are the best


  1. Very sweet post! Your girls are pretty special!

  2. Gotcha Day...pretty special, and yes they BOTH are the best!!!

  3. I agree with Darcie!!

  4. Very nice! Cute about your just jealous your not adopted...... I was just telling my niece about your family.... they can't have children because he's had cancer.... its really hard for her to see her cousins expecting....

  5. I wish my daughter would do the commenting, as she remembers what it was like to be the "unadopted" once in the family. She gets a laugh out of it now. With her older sister it was, "I've got more grandma's than you."