Thursday, April 7, 2011

Words from walking

They come to me.  Thoughts to write down while I walk.  Not sure if/what I'll recall, but we'll see what my fingers do.  Walked next to a big swampy area and the songs the frogs are doing these days is nearly deafening.  It's one of my favorite sounds ever.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe the timing of spring.  Realized it is time to put away all the winter coats, boots, and all the other junk stuff that goes with winter.  Will help make the mud room look less muddled because well, I don't like muddles.

Yesterday, I got a bonus.  Another special day.  I put out my thumb and voila!  There was a van to take me north.  And special it was.  I heard something that I don't recall hearing before.  It was just for me.  And I'm thankful to have not missed it.  Was feeling a slight concern though as I didn't get home until a half-hour after the bus.  But when I got home the dog had already been fed.  The snack eaten.  And play was ensuing.  And you know what?  The many young people here hardly acted like they cared I wasn't home.  Of all the nerve!

So we still are watching the Decorah eagles.  Glad to see little eaglet #3 make it too!  I feel a source of identity with mother eagle.  She sits and sits and sits.  Then feeds them.  And then sits some more.  Then yells for dad to show up and do his duty.  And off she goes to come back to sit and feed and go through another day.  Then she pokes them underneath and shimmys on down to get them settled.  Eaglet #1 or 2 peek their little heads out and she pokes them back in repeatedly.  Last night I felt a twinge of utter sweetness after they were all fed and settled underneath that mama finally let her guard down and put her beak down to really rest.  Yes, creation is a beautiful thing.  I marvel that those fragile little eaglets are right underneath and next to those incredibly strong talons.  Wow.

I had an 'issue' with my i-touch yesterday.  Tried to fix it myself and couldn't.  Spent way too much time on it actually.  In exasperation I "Googled" the words that were showing up causing the problem.  And there was an answer within seconds.  I did what was told to do and hooray!  It works again.  We live in a mind-numbing era of knowledge.  Not sure about wisdom though....

The Chairman.  My dear Chairman.  If you know him, you know he is Mr.  Research to the 2nd power.  Seriously.  He used to read any consumer publication from cover to cover.  Now he does it on-line or from talking to people.  He likes to buy 5 kinds of deodorant to see which one works best.  And it can make me nearly want to run into the sunset screaming.  Or not.  But anyway, it usually pays off.  This week his super-keen ways of networking, talking, researching has saved us several Ben Franklins.  So remind me of this the next time we're looking at deodorant.  Never really thought of this before.  De-odor-ant.  So that's why it's called that!

This is enough...  Time to go wash winter coats!

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  1. Well- I wish someone would conduct some kind of study and figure out which deo works best for me- seriously- it's driving me nuts. Nothing really seems to work and I'm getting tired of having to ditch perfectly good clothes because they're either 1- worn out in the underarms from the hot water and soap soaks and washes it takes to get the odor out or 2- they stink so they're gone. grrrr