Friday, April 1, 2011

Frantic Friday

Well it should be.  I've got a lot of cooking and cleaning that should be done.  It'll be frantic moreso later than now.  And April Fool's Day to you!  A few things that happened in our otherwise normally dull morning was toilet bowl water that was bright yellow.  Some stuff stuffed at the toes of shoes.  A booby trap made by an unnamed child for the Chairman.  I'm sure there'll be more tricks up some t-shirts later today.  It's a weird holiday if you think about it.  Maybe it was a result of people that were just crazy after too long of a winter.  Or not.   I had thought of posting a message saying this blog was going to be over as I thought it was too much work.  And was too public.  And not appreciated by others.  But I know you Peeps are more intelligent than that and would have caught on to the April Fool's thing.  See?  I give credit where credit is due.

Enjoyed my niece who is Smart and Sweet visit yesterday.  Her initials happen to be SS as well.  It was so nice to sit on the deck in the warmth of the sunshine watching our two neurotic dogs wrestle themselves into a stupor.  I've never mentioned her much before on here.  Let me tell you, when she was born nineteen years after me, it was the first addition to the family.  And being since I loved little ones and admired my much older sister... well let's say it was the best day ever when she was born.  I loved that little blonde-haired girl.  She followed me around like a little shadow.  A wisp of a thing really.  And now she's accomplished much.  And still is.  Made a wonderful choice in her mate.  And now she is my friend.  Life is neat like that.

Was just at the grocery store.  I think you rural folks have a misconception about life in a metropolitan area.  You think it is full of strangers and far distant places.  Well it is in a way.  And yet it isn't.  We shop at the closest stores.  We run into people we know all the time.  And today I saw lady in my checkout line looked so very familiar.  I racked my brain trying to figure out who she was.  Another mother from school?  A parent from a sports team?  My hygienist?  Ugh.  I stared at her off and on while she was paying for her things.  At one point she glanced at me wondering if I had issues (well I do, but maybe not the kind she's thinking of).  And off she went.  Looking familiar.  And I had no 'box' to place her into.  Ugh.  It might come in time.

Does anyone else thing about what they want for lunch about 10 minutes after breakfast?  I must be getting old.  Or enjoy eating too much.

So I'm going to try to make cookies again today.  Let me tell you.  I have a little self-satisfaction in my culinary ability.  I can whip up a mean pot of whatever with ease.  I can bake fantastic bread or cinnamon rolls.  My popovers are usually 4" tall at minimum.  And the cakes are as light as a feather.  But cookies?  I can't make a cookie that is really good.  The last ones turned out to look like... well never mind.  My much older sister tried to give me some tips this week.  So I'll try again and let you know what happens.  Or maybe not.  I'm busy you know.  So busy in fact, that I will call this a post.

the girls chose to match last Sunday... 

Now you can see... 

that we have messes here too!  Kids are working on projects - two model cars and some wooden things to paint.   And I'm supposed to clean around this?

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  1. I see no one has commented on this post. I'm sorry you don't like the way you make cookies. I don't make very many kinds, but my mom's chocolate chip cookies are the best ever, my next favorite is chocolate with chocolate frosting, another old home favorite, and I'm learning how to make sugar cookies taste like the ones you buy at Walmart, yuck. But the kids like them.