Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Musings

this lady is special beyond words

gathering together before they head off to the next place

special people around the table

the group in bad lighting...

I think L, P, and K thought it was funny anyway...

The Chairman and company get a picture too...

Ready for sp. mtg!

Her too!

She loves "mom and me" pics... I do too!


Her leg keeps touching mine and it's on purpose (soon a fight breaks out)

rearranged positions and under dire threats, they smile (un)willingly

yowsers!  you're gone all day today?

trying to make antlers behind the dog...

Yes, special days indeed.  It comes up fast.  Happens fast.  And is over fast.  One 'little' thought that has stayed with me.  We all would like to do something great.  Maybe even splashy.  But what matters are 'little things'.  A cup of cold water.  A word in season.  Just one little thing can make a difference.  Yes, I hope it stays with me for a long time...

It was the first time I witnessed a fender bender during lunch time!  The dear folks next to us were settling into their seats.  Passed out the ham sandwiches and Diet Coke.  And then the vehicle lurches forward and back.  Heads bob.  And then they both look wild-eyed over to our vehicle.  Shrug their shoulders up and down.  Then a big grin.  And after the sandwich was eaten, slowly get out of the vehicle to survey the damage.  Just a small crack on the bumper.  The 'bumper' had no clue that he hit the 'bumpee' next to us.

Now the house is all quiet.  And has lemonade sticky drips on the floor from many young people that were here last night.  We were up to six under 11 years old.  But floors clean easily.  And the memories linger longer.

I'm riveted with a lot of other people watching the Decorah eagles on their nest.  I'm very glad that the bald eagle is our national bird.  Even if they eat dead, rotting rabbits that have been laying there on the nest for over a week.  They are regal and beautiful.  The parents work as a beautifully unified team.  And even though it storms and is windy and threatening, they stay put tending the little ones.

A couple things the kids said this week that I want to remember:  "Mom?  What was it like in the olden days for babies when I was little?" (spoken by an 8-year old)   And then leaning up to kiss daughter number 1 in her top bunk bed the other night she said, "Mom?  I just love how you smell."  Well what does it smell like (fearing she will tell me something that isn't good)?  "You smell like... well... a sweet tomato!"

Well the pictures will have to suffice for a lot of musings today.


  1. Agreed...that special-beyond-words-lady-with-roots-in-NE. She indeed is!!

  2. A comment from our Specials, was that Special Mtgs. are a special effort to meet special needs!

  3. Whew! Glad to see the annual pic. The ones with the rents this year too! We look forward to ours this coming Sunday!

  4. Aw, Love my friend Miss B--Yes, NE roots :) And Miss H--Was transplanted here for a while, ♥ her so much!

  5. I can actually name some of the people! :) Can't wait til next Sunday for another sp. mtg! :)

  6. Looking forward to our specials this week. So thankful that we don't have to wonder if there will be bread there...we KNOW it. Loved all your pictures!!!

  7. OH, THANK YOU for sharing so many wonderful, smiling faces with us! You don't know me and I don't know you, but I do know every one of your guests as they are familiar faces to me (I grew up in those parts...I think you're more toward the south whereas I grew up in the north). Seeing so many familiar faces tonight just made me SMILE. THANKS for that, Friend. :)

  8. Loved the pix! You know I do! I was wondering if that was Bonbon and, from some of the other comments, I guess it was- I always wanted time with her...
    Loved the pix of the kids (and your family shot), too! T looks like a mini high school teacher, for some reason!!

  9. Say! See DT in thee...he and his sister came from us to you for a month! Amazing how small the world is!!