Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Musings

Well here we are again!  The Mondays roll around quickly.  Winter is still here in Dairyland.  Snow lined the grass this morning and was insulting the daffodils trying to urge us into spring.  I mean really... it's tax day and we're still facing this weather.  Talk about insult to injury.  Yes, the Chairman got them done.  He realized recently that he had three extra days to do them this year, so we had to keep tradition alive and do them on the 11:58th hour.  I hope the government enjoys our hard-earned dollars.

So the Chairman hacked into "my" blog again.  I'm not sure what gets into him sometimes.  Maybe he should start his own and call it "The Chairman and no company".  Or not.

So daughter #1 moved out.  No, she's not that old yet.  She moved to the next bedroom and will no longer be sharing with daughter #2.  And it is bittersweet.  The good is that we now have a comfy new mattress for her and for company.  The sad is that for 8 years and nine months our daughters shared a room.  I would lean over a crib and then a little bed and kiss their sweet faces good night.  Then it was the bunk beds.  And now, they are separated.  My babies.  Aren't.  I'll maybe even post a picture of the big happening here if I remember some day.

We were at a local mall on Friday night.  In the center court was the Easter Bunny with babies on his lap for pictures.  Then awhile later we walked by and it must have been 'break time' for the bunny.  But what was quite entertaining was that the photographer (a cute young thing I might add) was all cozy and chatty with Easter Bunny and EB looked like he was making the moves on her.  And maybe he was.  I think this is one of those 'you had to be there' moments...

The other night we were with some friends and there were a lot of teenagers there.  Like 10-12 for sure.  The kids all went downstairs after the yummy meal.  The next day while combing hair, daughter #2 says to me, 'Mom? Last night when we were at "thus-and-such's" house, there was a lot to watch when we were all in the basement.  Oh?  What do you mean?  "Well there are the people dating and the people that like each other and the people that were goofing off.  There was so much to watch I didn't know what to look at first.  And it was really fun."  (I might add that I know all these 'kids' personally, and they are nice ones at that.)

I'm still very 'enraptored' with this.  There are some lessons about life in my observation.  Nature can be cruel.  The flopping fish.  The decapitated rabbit.  It's the food chain at work.  And those big babies need to be fed.  The babies started out very cute.  Fuzzy-headed.  And vulnerable.  They are getting bigger by the day.  And  I might add a bit ugly.  (Not saying that big kids are ugly...  )  And they fight with their sibling.  But eventually, they'll fly the coop.  And be on their way.  The teamwork of the parents is beautiful.  He brings the fish.  She feeds the babies.  She moves on.  He continues to feed them.  Then they arrange the nest all cozy and cover the babies and wait until the next feeding.  Their instinct is amazing....  Yes, I'm 'enraptored'.

So tonight we go to a wedding!  You're thinking, 'but it's a Monday!'.  Yes indeed it is a Monday.  And it is the first Monday wedding I've ever attended.  It'll be a lovely event I'm sure.  The bride and groom have a bright future.  And we'll go with bells on!  Or not.

Happy week ahead!


  1. I was married on a Monday, cuts down on the guest list.

    Just kidding, I wanted to be different.

  2. you know me... who got married? ;)